Best Value Used Cars Revealed

Used Car Expert, the UK’s leading used car buying advice site for UK motorists, has created a new ‘Car Value Tracker’ which looks the lightest and heaviest new car depreciators over 36 months, from a sample of 220,000 vehicles.

The top 5 best value used cars are:

Position Car New price (Approximately) 3 year price (% lost since new)
1st Lexus LS £92,230 £31,532 (66%)
2nd Volvo S80 £33,237 £11,688 (65%)
3rd Vauxhall Zafira £21,867 £8,060 (63%)
4th Vauxhall Insignia £25,436 £9,694 (62%)
5th Vauxhall Astra £20,471 £7,857 (62%)


Matt Tumbridge, Editor of Used Car Expert comments: “What is guaranteed is that all new cars will depreciate, but some drop more quickly in value than others giving savvy car buyers a great value deal.

“Cars that depreciate heavily in their first 3 years run out of value to lose eventually, so savvy buyers can pick up a car with 75 per cent of its reliable life left, for 40 per cent of the original new price. The Vauxhall Zafira makes enormous sense for a family on a ‘normal’ budget. It is as well built as a German car, cheap to service, frugal on fuel, looks stylish, has seven seats and is cheap to buy.

The Lexus LS is a good luxury car and compared with its competitors at Mercedes and BMW, provides great value for money because it depreciates much more.

Neil Addley, Editor of Trusted Dealers added to the findings, “The really great news for car buyers is that when they find one of these cars for sale here, they know they are buying a car that benefits from our 10-point difference. So there is no trade-off or risk for getting a great deal. We have pages of 3 year old Zafiras example, and they all come with the Trusted Dealer package – including a warranty, MOT and thorough inspection. Buyers can’t lose.”

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