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Mini is owned by BMW and is a hugely successful British brand of car manufacturer who specialise in making small, fun to drive new and used MINI cars. 
Launched in 2001, the latest MINI range has gone from strength to strength, starting with a simple two-door hatch and evolving into a line up which includes the Clubman, Convertible, Cooper and Countryman.
MINI rival cars like the Volkswagen Beetle and the Fiat 500 and was voted the second most influential car in the twentieth century after the Ford Model T. So, if you’re looking for a second hand MINI, there are plenty of older models that demonstrate high performance and drive at lower prices. 
The MINI Cooper is a popular model from the MINI range and was one of the most eco-friendly cars on the market in 2008. It is a great example of how green cars can also be eye-catching and fun to drive. It even rides well with a diesel engine under its bonnet. 
The MINI Cooper Clubman was introduced as the more ‘practical’ MINI, suitable for those who require more space but still want to opt for a MINI as opposed to other brands of small car. Although the Clubman is smaller than the new MIN Countryman, it has a unique door within the back to enable passengers to get out without using the usual fold down mechanism. The MINI Clubman also has a tailgate, making it easier to load and unload the boot. 
In 2010, MINI unveiled the Countryman, MINI’s answer to a ‘lifestyle’ car which offers more space and is more appealing to families due to its spacious back seats and 4-door capacity. The MINI Countryman is even available in four-wheel drive. 
If you're looking for a second-hand MINI, take a look through our extensive list of used MINIs to suit all budgets. You can even enter your postcode to find a MINI car near you, or try the filter links for a more specific search.