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1 Nothing to hide

Nothing to hide

Theft & Write Off Checks

A surprisingly large number of people are taken in by thieves selling stolen vehicles. This can be when cars are sold “for cash” privately. Another scam that internet used car buyers should be aware of is “car matching”. This is where photos and details of real cars are posted on used car classified websites with false owners details.

These are often priced extremely low to encourage the unfortunate car buyer to email the seller. Once contact has been made the buyer is encouraged to transfer their money into an apparently legitimate “escrow” account. But when they come to take delivery of the used car, it, the contact and their money vanishes.

Probably even more dangerous are cars that have been involved in serious accidents and written off by the insurance company but yet still repaired in backstreet alleys and then sold on to unwitting individuals.

At Trusted Dealers all our used cars are background checked.

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2 No nasty surprisesback to top

No nasty surprises

Finance Settlement Check

Most people buy a car using some form of loan or hire purchase or other 
finance arrangement.

Some unscrupulous people will try and sell you a car for cash whilst not having settled the finance agreement that they took out on the vehicle.

This means that although you might give them money for the car, the title or ownership of the vehicle still resides with the finance company who, should you be unfortunate enough to fall prey to this form of theft, can repossess the vehicle from you.

You are then left with no cash and no car.

At Trusted Dealers every vehicle in stock is bought legitimately and every vehicle is checked to make sure there is no outstanding finance on it. This means that when you buy a car from a Trusted Dealer, you know that the dealer owns the vehicle that you buy.

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3 Every inch. Every car.back to top

Every inch. Every car.

Every Car Mechanically Checked

Every trusted car dealer on carries out a full mechanical inspection of every vehicle before it is delivered and rectifies any faults identified.

Whilst individual dealers’ checks vary, they will include checking mechanical items to make sure the car runs properly, safety items like tyres, lights and brakes to make sure you are safe and of course the increasing number of electrical items that are designed to make your car ownership more enjoyable and driving more easy.

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4 The clock never liesback to top

The clock never lies

Every used car mileage checked and verified

A common form of misrepresentation by unscrupulous traders is clocking cars. This is where a car with a high mileage has its odometer changed to a lower mileage to make it look like it’s a better value, low mileage car than is the reality.

As well as in effect being a form of theft, selling you something that is worth less than at first seems, this is also dangerous as important servicing and safety items may be missed if you think the mileage is a lot lower than it is.

Also potentially even more expensive is that things like cam belt changes can be missed if you have the wrong mileage and if a cam belt goes this can be an extremely costly engine repair.

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5 Try before you buyback to top

Try before you buy

Test drives offered and recommended

At Trusted Dealers we are absolutely delighted to offer test drives from all of our members. We think before you buy a car it is really sensible to give it a drive, even if you have driven a similar car before, driving it allows you to make sure that you are happy with the driving position, with the overall performance of the car and to make sure that it suits your driving skills.

On a test drive we would recommend that you take the car for a good spin on a route identified by the Trusted Dealer and also have a go at parking it to make sure you are comfortable with the car.

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6 Passed with flying coloursback to top

Passed with flying colours

Generous minimum MOT with every car

MOTs are only required on cars that are over three years old and are an important consideration when buying a used car.The MOT test is an important way for the car buyer to know that a vehicle is safe and fit and proper to drive. With all Trusted Dealers we make sure there is a minimum 3 months MOT, with many of our dealers offering up to a full year’s MOT.

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7 Not a care in the worldback to top

Not a care in the world

Warranty included with every used car

Once you have taken delivery of your car from a Trusted Dealer you know if you spot any problems that you want to be able to take it back and get them rectified.

Every Trusted Dealer offers a warranty or guarantee with their used cars and many cars will still retain the balance of a manufacturer warranty. Of course all Trusted Dealers operate within the law and the Sale of Goods Act in particular, and will comply fully with your statutory consumer rights.

Trusted Dealers are all regulated by the FSA which means there is an established complaint procedure should you be unhappy with the dealer.

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8 Trade in and trade upback to top

Trade in and trade up

Convenient part exchange welcome

Trusted Dealers know there is a huge amount of hassle and an element of risk of trying to sell your car privately. In addition internet car valuation portals may promise to buy your car but will often try to reduce the amount they give you once you feel fully committed to making the transaction.

Trusted Dealers we are happy to take your old car in as a part exchange and use that as a contribution to the purchase of your new car. This means that we are able to offer a one stop shop service where you literally drop your old car off as you drive away in your shiny, new, used car.

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9 See yourself in itback to top

See yourself in it

Brilliant, full professional valet of every car

Every used car sold by a Trusted Dealer comes with a full professional valet, both inside and out, to make sure that as you drive away you have that fantastic feeling of the car being truly new to you.

There is nothing quite like the experience of driving away in your new, used car the very first time.

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10 No need to stretchback to top

No need to stretch

Affordable service and finance plans available

All Trusted Dealers are delighted to offer you finance to purchase your car. The fact is most of us haven’t got the cash to buy a car for cash and we are going to take a loan from somewhere.

With Trusted Dealers you have the advantage of being able to take a variety of different finance options.

These include hire purchase, personal contract purchase, personal or business contract hire, and a number of other schemes. These allow you to get the best value car you can for your desired monthly repayment.

We would certainly recommend that you talk to your Trusted Dealer about the best way to finance your next used car. In these uncertain economic times we are also able to offer other protection such as protection against redundancy and also insurance programmes to make sure that if you car was unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, you would be able to drive away in one at least as good.

In addition all Trusted Dealers are able to offer service plans which mean that you can budget your servicing costs monthly or even pay it up front as you purchase your car. Both finance and service plans enable you to get the best bang for your buck, both when buying and running your new used car.

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