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10 benefits of little carsBack

120613 Volkswagen UpSales of small city cars and superminis are currently strong and it’s not hard to figure out why. Choosing a little car for your daily commute comes with plenty of benefits. Below, Trusted Dealers takes a look at 10 benefits to owning a little car.

1. Save fuel

Smaller cars usually offer better fuel economy. They are lighter in weight, meaning you can travel further for less cash, and the smaller engine means better fuel efficiency.

2. Quick refill

Smaller cars have smaller tanks, so filling up your car will mean a lot less time spent stood at the pump – an added bonus during the winter months.

3. Lower maintenance

Buyers of little cars often save money on maintenance. Smaller car parts are easier to source and cost less too and smaller engines often require less frequent service intervals.

4. Easy manoeuvrability

Smaller cars are much easier to manoeuvre about town. Turning circles are tighter and the smaller dimensions will make driving in built up areas a doddle.

DaciaSandero5. Go Green

Smaller cars usually produce less CO2 emissions. The lower the CO2 emissions, the less owners will pay in fuel tax, in fact, if the car has emissions of less than 100g/km such as the VW Up, you’ll pay no vehicle excise duty at all.

6. Safety first

Little cars are more likely to remain upright in a collision. Larger vehicles have a higher centre of gravity, which makes them more prone to rolling over in an accident.

7. Easy access

Smaller cars are much easier to get in and out of. You’re nearer to the ground in a small car so there’s less distance to reach the pavement, and hopefully less chance of falling out!

8. Easy parking

Smaller cars are much easier to park. Whatever the space, you’ll find it much easier to navigate a small car into it. In fact, tiny cars such as the Smart Fortwo can squeeze into some of the smallest spots possible.

9. Cheaper buy

The smaller the car, the less it usually costs, in fact some small cars such as the Dacia Sandero are produced so cheaply they cost half the amount of rival superminis. Shop around to get the best value for money and a good level of standard equipment.

FamilyChristmas10. Group selfies

Finally, smaller cars make it much easier to perform that all-important in-car selfie! More and more families are wanting to post selfies of their travels, and this is made easier thanks to the close proximity of the passengers.



Posted by Leana Kell on 17/02/2016