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7 reasons to buy an SUVBack

Porsche CayenneSUVs have soared in popularity in recent years and it is not hard to see why. This model of car has moved with the times and manufacturers have really listened to what buyers want – a safe, sturdy, spacious car with 4×4 capability too if required.

The price tag may be higher on some SUVs than on other family cars, but it’s well worth paying a premium to benefit from some or all of the above. Furthermore, running costs on SUVs are a lot less than they used to be. Now, you can find a selection of SUV cars for sale with competitive fuel economy and lower running costs.

Below Trusted Dealers outlines 7 reasons to buy an SUV in 2016.

  1. A stylish alternative

If you don’t fancy the look of an MPV, but you need a larger people carrier to transport your growing family from A to B, there are plenty of seven-seater SUVs available to do just that. Why not take a look at the latest Volvo XC90? Or the BMW X5 and Audi Q7 provide a luxury option if you have the cash.

2. Competitive fuel economy

Gone are the days when SUVs and 4x4s were purely gas guzzlers, there are now plenty of SUVs rated to achieve more than 30 miles per gallon, whilst owners can still reap the benefits of a larger, more spacious car. There is even a new market for SUV hybrids such as the 20V20 SEAT SUV due out later this year or the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV which is enjoying huge success since its release in 2013.

MitsubishiPHEV3.Safety is key

Not all SUVs are guaranteed to be safe cars, but they are built to be solid, spacious and commanding on the road. A high seating position is common which provides more ground clearance, coupled with 4×4 capacity on some models for when the road conditions are more challenging. All of these components contribute towards the overall safety of the vehicle, and occupants will be well protected should an accident occur.

4. Off road capability

If you require a car which can handle a muddy track, there are plenty of SUVs that come with four wheel drive capability should you need it. SUVs have higher ground clearance and suspension systems designed to perform well off road, and if you don’t need four wheel drive, you have the option of many SUVs that will allow you to switch to two-wheel drive for day to day running of the vehicle so you can save yourself money on fuel costs.

5. Great for dogs

SUVs are the perfect cars to house dogs, in fact, some SUVs come specifically designed to appeal to pet owners. Due to the larger boot, there is plenty of room to fit a dog barrier or cage as well as fit in your own day-to-day luggage.

Nissan Qashqai with dog6. Larger load capacity

SUVs will normally have a much larger boot than smaller cars, which means you’ve more space for a large family’s luggage, a double buggy or the family dog. Furthermore, some car owners choose to use their SUVs for work purposes during the daytime. With the seats laid flat, you’ll benefit from a vast load space and an easy to access tailgate, perfectly suited to the unloading and loading up of a small business.

7. SUVs are cool

Without a doubt, SUVs are cool cars to own. Stylish in looks and with a large commanding presence, if you’re behind the wheel of one of these cars you’ll benefit from a high seating position which will make you feel firmly planted on the road. If you’re really seeking the wow factor, opting for a luxury SUV such as a Porsche Cayenne or a Land Rover Range Rover Sport will really turn heads.

Posted by Leana Kell on 12/01/2016