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Celebrity Cars SellBack

If you’re looking for a car that will retain its value like no other, buying a car a celebrity once owned may be the solution.

Auto Trader has revealed ten of the most popular celebrity cars listed through its site and how much they were listed for, compared to their non-famous equivalents. The same make, model and year can fetch much more if you happen to be a celeb.

So, why do celebrity cars sell for more cash online? Buyers who are looking for a taste of the luxury lifestyle the car’s owner once had, may decide to splash out in the hope it will bring them similar fame and fortune. Or, perhaps a die-hard fan wants the chance to sit in the same seat as their favourite celebrity.

Celebrity cars are often created with bespoke features to make them unique to their owner, and this is another attraction for buyers. They may be paying over the odds for the car, but it will come with some unique traits, which in turn will help retain its value – if they ever feel they can part with it.

Whatever  the reason for purchasing a celebrity car, models that have been pre-owned by celebrities remain highly popular. So much so that Auto Trader have reported a car that has been owned by a celebrity can be listed for up to 241% more.

A special edition Bentley made to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee that was used to transport the Queen to her first cabinet meeting with David Cameron, was listed on Auto Trader for £200,000, compared to £87,000 for another of the same models from that year.

Trusted Dealers reported in November that a 1968 Jenson Interceptor, once owned by comedy legend Eric Morecambe, was set to fetch £90,000-£110,000 when it sold at auction, while Rowan Atkinson’s limited edition 2015 Land Rover Defender 90 Heritage was estimated to go for between £38,000-£45,000 at the Silverstone Auctions last June – both exceeded the value of the non-celebrity equivalent model.

But the biggest mark-up for a celebrity car was Katie Price’s 2011 Range Rover SE Vogue, famous for its hot pink hue and Swarovski-embellished clock, that went on sale at a massive 241% mark-up. In second place was another Range Rover gifted to Prince William, which he used to pick-up the newborn Prince George from hospital. Despite similar models going for £46,000, his was initially listed at £150,000.

Erin Baker, Auto Trader Editorial Director, said:  Car finance deals have made car ownership a realistic prospect for many drivers, but it’s also increased choice across both new and used cars, surprising buyers with cars they may have first thought unaffordable; including the cars previously owned by the rich and famous.”


Posted by Leana Kell on 09/03/2018