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Futuristic Cars from CES 2017Back

cesWith the car industry seeing its future of autonomous technology, CES 2017, at heart a technology expo, cars were undoubtedly the stars of the show. A number of mainstream manufacturers and some tech companies showcased their concept cars. From driver-less technology to cars that will blend into your home environment with personal assistant software strongly featured. Here are a few that caught our eye.

From Swiss car makers Rinspeed, the Oasis, a self-driving mobile office which can rotate 360 degrees on the spot comes complete with built-in garden behind a huge 5k display dashboard.

BMW have their Holoactive Touch concept- combined with an infotainment screen, the hologram projection dashboard detects your hand movements to operate it. Having already added some gesture controls to its 5 and 7 series cars, this advancement may not be too far off.

Hyundai’s concept is truly futuristic, their Healthcare Cockpit is powered by hydrogen fuel cell, the car will actually dock into your home, blurring the traditional lines between car and home. Using biometric technology to monitor the driver’s physical and mental state, the car reacts to adjust lighting, seating and sound.

Panasonic have ventured into the car market with its autonomous cabin, a merge of office and lounge with 4k interactive tablets with augmented reality for all four passengers for work and play, complete with fridge and coffee machine. Panasonic are working with Qualcomm to provide a new android in-car infotainment system, which their president, Tom Gebhardt said “will be multiple generations ahead of existing systems”.

ces 2017 oasis

Rinspeed Oasis (picture from Auto Express)

hyundai health concept

Hyundai Healthcare Cockpit (picture courtesy Auto Express)

ces 2017 panasonic cabin

Panasonic Autonomous cabin (picture courtesy Auto Express)

ces 2017 bmw

BMW Holoactive Touch (picture from Auto Express)

Posted by Paul Carpenter on 11/01/2017