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Keep your batteries fired up this winterBack

CarBatteryIt’s hard enough keeping our own batteries going in winter, but car batteries can also suffer in the colder months if they are not well looked after. Below, Trusted Dealers lists a few simple tips on how to maintain your car batteries this winter.

Be aware of it

Car Batteries barely last more than 5 years , so be mindful that your battery may well be due to be changed. If you’ve owned your car for more than 5 years and never changed your battery, now might be the best time to do it. If changing your battery, make a note of the date so you or the new owner know to replace it within 5 more years.

Watch it

Be mindful of the fact that your car’s electrics can run down your battery faster. Frequent use of your lights, windscreen wipers and heater in the winter months can put pressure on your battery, particularly if a lot of your driving occurs in rush hour. If you know your battery is being worked hard, check it regularly to avoid a winter breakdown.

Power it

If your car stands still for long periods of time in winter, give the engine a short burst of power every evening to give the battery a chance to revive itself. Remember to turn off any electrical devices first before starting the engine. If the engine struggles to start, use the starter in short five-second bursts and leave 30 seconds between attempts.

Clean it

Everything works better when its clean and the same goes for your car battery. Dirt and other gunk on the casing of your battery can actually drain its power so make sure you regularly use a damp rag to keep your battery clean.

Unblock it

The terminals are a common spot for the build-up of corrosion which can in turn block the current from passing from the battery to the cables. If your car battery fails, scrape any excess dirt away with a screwdriver or pliers, tighten the clamps and turn the ignition. You may find that your battery soon comes back to life.

Insulate it

If there’s room around your battery, consider installing an insulation blanket to make your battery last longer. The plastic sheet will keep the battery warm in the winter and cool in the summer, greatly extending its life. If you’re buying a new battery, choose a smaller size to fit the blanket around it.

Posted by Leana Kell on 22/01/2016