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Meet the Jaguar all-electric I-PACEBack

With manufacturers stumbling over one another to produce the latest and greatest electric cars on the market, it’s time for Jaguar to take centre stage and introduce its first all-electric five seater sports car, the I-PACE.

The concept behind the latest electric car to hit the market from 1 March 2018, is to bring thrilling performance to an all-electric vehicle. Couple this with SUV practicality and the I-Pace promises to be the perfect every day car.

Electric cars started to appear on the market back in 2011 following the introduction of the ground-breaking Nissan Leaf. However, the first generation electric cars struggled when it came down to overall performance and longevity.

Since then, electric cars have moved on significantly, and in doing so, manufacturers are working hard to gain the edge over competitors. Jaguar are no exception, and the I-PAC promises to deliver excellent performance with 700Nm instant torque, 400PS and the ability to reach 0-60mph in around 4 seconds.

In addition, Jaguar have confirmed that the I-PACE will offer rapid charging at less than 45 minutes, giving it the edge over competitors. The I-PACE will be capable of charging from zero to 80 per cent charge in 45 minutes, using a DC 100kW charger..

The I-PACE has also been rigorously tested across extremes of terrain and temperature, to ensure its capability in handling the cold weather. Tested at Jaguar Land Rover’s cold weather facility in Arjeplog, Sweden, the I-PACE has proved it can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius.

Ian Hoban, Jaguar Vehicle Line Director, comments: “Not only will the I-PACE charge quickly enough for our customers to carry out their everyday lives, it will offer powerful and precise performance in a variety of conditions and climactic extremes. Allied with the versatile credentials of our celebrated PACE family, this will be an electric performance SUV like no other.”

The I-Pace will not only allow customers to prepare the car’s battery before a journey, they will also be able to adjust the cabin temperature. Setting up preferred charging times and pre-conditioning schedules can be done from either the on-board InControl system, or the Remote smartphone APP, and is as easy as setting an alarm.

The I-PACE will be revealed in a live global broadcast on 1 March 2018, and will go on to make its public premiere at the Geneva Motor Show on 6 March 2018. To find out more about the all-electric performance SUV ahead of its reveal, visit

Posted by Leana Kell on 02/02/2018