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Myth-Busting: ULEVsBack

With the ever increasing technological advances in the automotive industry, the future of ULEVs (ultra-low emission vehicles) has never looked more promising. Over the course of this
parliament, the government has pledged over £600 million to boost the ULEV market and invest in a cleaner future for our UK cities.

Despite the big investment on the horizon, the majority of us remain remarkably misinformed about the facts surrounding ULEVs. The changing shift towards the decarbonisation of transport is still in its early stages, but with more companies embracing the idea of a cleaner future it’s time to accept ULEVs as a norm and not a novelty.

So read on while we debunk some of the misconceptions about the realities of owning one of these green machines.

  • They are really expensive to buy

Any new car purchase can be a daunting prospect, but there has never been a better time to go low emission. Not only has advancing technology driven prices down dramatically, but the government are offering grants of up to £4,500 towards the cost of an eligible ULEV.

Furthermore, with road tax exemption and as little as 2p per mile running costs, the day-to-day outgoings of a ULEV are tiny. Other local initiatives can include free parking, too.

  • A full charge won’t get me very far, and there aren’t enough charging points

Though lots of charging points are available nationwide, the beauty of a ULEV is that it is not generally necessary to charge on the go. Distances that can be travelled on a single charge extend from around 100 miles to well over 400 miles in certain models- this means that for the average UK driver, overnight charging at home is more than necessary for all your driving needs. Furthermore, not all ULEVs are solely electric, so can just switch back to their hybrid capabilities when charge has run out.

If you do need use of public connectors though, as of March 2017 there are 12,237 in over 4000 locations across the UK. This is largely thanks to a £30 million government investment in the Plugged-in Places (PiP) scheme, and over 2,000 of the available connectors can charge from 0-80% in just 20 minutes- plenty of time to get power back during a quick break.

Information about every charging point across the UK can be found at

  • They are too slow

ULEVs are actually capable of conventional car speeds and acceleration. Some ULEVs which are purely electric, such as the Tesla Model S, can reach top speeds of 155mph. Acceleration of low emission vehicles is smooth and swift due to the power being delivered by the electric motor as soon as the vehicle begins to move.

  • There isn’t enough choice

With over 29 models available in the UK and with many more planned for near future release, there is a ULEV to suit the requirements of every driver. From the seven-seat Nissan eNV200 people carrier to the Renault Twizy supermini, there is a choice of ULEVs for big families, city driving and much more. Even those wanting a sports car won’t be disappointed with the sleek and stylish BMW i8, winner of the coveted Top Gear Car of the Year award in 2014.

The ever increasing demand for ULEVs over the past few years has meant that all of the top 10 best-selling car brands in the UK now offer an electric vehicle as part of their range.

Still not convinced?

Click here to visit the Energy Saving Trust website for more information, and to find a vehicle that could be right for you.

Trusted Dealers have partnered with the Energy Saving Trust to host a number of special ULEV events, led by industry experts, in six cities across the UK. To find out more and to register your interest, click here.

Posted by Maddie Parker on 12/04/2017