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New Summer Exhibition at BeaulieuBack

Beaulieu is soon to launch a brand new summer exhibition  entitled The Art of Kustom featuring creations from car customiser Andy Saunders.

Visitors to the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu can enjoy a first glimpse of the new exhibition at the launch which is on Sunday 17th June on Father’s Day, when Andy will drive one of his custom created machines around the grounds of the museum.

Andy, one of the best known customised cars builders in Europe will unveil his new project Metropolis as part of the exhibition. The 1939 Peugeot 202 pick-up has been transformed from a rusty wreck into an art deco-style stunner, in the latest of more than 50 of Andy’s car projects.

Discovered in a field in France three years ago, the Peugeot 202 is believed to have been requisitioned by the invading forces during World War II. Andy has worked on the ruined bodywork to successfully transform it into a sleek retro delivery vehicle.

The Art of Kustom has been formulated from a number of Andy’s private collections across Europe. It includes a Citroen that looks like a spaceship, a Reliant Rialto race car, a road-going speedboat and the world’s shortest Mini, one of Andy’s most famous cars from his 40-year career.

One of the newest editions to the exhibition is the shortened 1964 Mini Ha Ha, which will be on show for the first time since it went on display in the 1980s. Andy has worked hard to return the car to its original 1980s state, coming up with the original concept while still at school, before building the car on a shoestring budget when he was just 20-years-old. It became his everyday car when he first completed it!

Tetanus is one of Andy’s most widely acclaimed projects, taking 14 years to complete. This 1937 Cord 812 Westchester is another rarely seen machine that was in an appalling condition when Andy found it, having spent more than half a century decaying in a Yorkshire field. It was Andy’s friend who accidentally named the car when he said, “I’m not touching that without a tetanus shot”.

Tetanus comprises a streamlined two-door coupe, with widened wings and a lowered and shortened roof. The doors of the car have also been lengthened and the rear end built from scratch using sections from a Jaguar MkII and VW Beetle. With a sumptuously trimmed red cockpit and a Chevrolet V8 engine under the bonnet, the Tetanus is guaranteed to wow the crowds at Beaulieu.

Indecision is another eye-catching car, but for very different reasons. With its huge rear wings and sloping roofline, it might look like a spacecraft but it is in fact a 1976 Citroen CX. Andy let his imagination run riot with this project but its extravagant bodywork proved a challenge to build.

Run A Ground is a car turned speedboat that’s more at home on dry land than in water. Using the chassis and running gear of a 1971 Reliant Regal, Andy adapted a Monbar 146 speedboat fibreglass body before uniting the two

A subtler-looking car is Hesperus, a 1930s Hudson that was built as a British street rod in the 1960s and was remarkably rust-free when the project began. Its restoration to concourse standard has taken six years, without yet finishing the interior trim.

The Art of Kustom can be seen as part of standard admission to Beaulieu, which includes entrance to the National Motor Museum, World of Top Gear, On Screen Cars, the ancestral Montagu family home of Palace House, 13th century Beaulieu Abbey and the stunning grounds and gardens. Andy’s full showcase of creations will remain on show inside the museum until September.

To buy tickets in advance online or for more information, visit:

Posted by Leana Kell on 20/04/2018