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Preparing your car for springBack

Summer drivingThe recent change to daylight saving time combined with the onset of some warmer weather are indications that spring is finally here, but is your car ready for the new season?

Like us, cars need to shake off the winter weather and be fit and prepared for the summer months ahead, so if you haven’t done so already, it is wise to follow some simple tips below from Trusted Dealers to help prepare your car for spring.



Give it a clean

A spring clean, as the name suggests, is a great idea. Now is a good time to wash all the grime and road salt off your car left over from the winter weather. If cleaning the car yourself, make sure you use a pressure washer and give the underside and wheels a thorough clean. Take care with delicate areas and avoid spraying directly only oil seals or rubber areas. If you’re unsure, why not treat your car to a professional valet and include a full wax.

Check windows and mirrors

Internal and external windows and mirrors must also receive a thorough clean as dirty windows are more prone to misting up. A simple tip is to use a small squirt of washing up liquid to make them squeaky clean.

230413 TyreSafeCheck tyres

It’s important to check your tyre pressure regularly as the change in temperature can cause your tyres to drop significantly. If you have winter tyres on your car, now is the time to replace them with all-season tyres again. Check your winter tyres thoroughly for any damage caused to them during the winter months, then store them somewhere safe and dry ready for next autumn.

Check brakes

Road salt can impact the condition of your brakes by corroding the metal. Your brake pads rely on clean, properly lubricated metal frames to work properly so it’s well worth taking a short trip to the garage to make sure your brake pads are working to full capacity.

LowSunCheck wipers

Test your windscreen wiper blades are fully working – after a winter of hard use one or more wiper blades might need to be replaced. Test all of your lights are working – ask someone to come out and check for you or reverse your car up close to a garage door and check the reflection in your mirrors.

Store sunglasses

Make sure you keep a pair of sunglasses with you in the car at all times. The sun tends to be low at this time of year therefore sunglasses will prove handy for dealing with the glare in early morning and evening.

Posted by Leana Kell on 30/03/2016