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Take care on the school runBack

School runThis week, millions of children across the country will return to school to start the autumn term, which brings with it a 20 per cent increase in traffic on the roads in rush hour.

As children head back to school, a new survey reveals the extent of dangerous speeding on roads where lower limits are in place to keep children and other road users safe.

The study, produced by Brake and Direct Line, has revealed that four in ten drivers admit to “sometimes breaking the speed limit by at least 10mph” with more than one quarter of drivers “regularly” speeding in areas designed to keep children (and other vulnerable road users safe).

Most 20mph zones and areas are in the vicinity of schools and homes where many children will be regularly walking and cycling. In 2014, 20mph53 children under 16 were killed and 2,029 were seriously injured on British roads, meaning almost six children were seriously hurt or killed or every day.

Below,Trusted Dealers has put together a short guide for drivers to follow. A little preparation can go a long way to making the school run easier, safer and less stressful, so take the extra time and plan ahead.

Slow down – it’s a common theme to be rushing for school in the mornings, but if you’re taking the car try not to get into it in a hurry as this could compromise the safety of other road users. Leaving the house five minutes earlier will guarantee you are calmer and therefore better able to concentrate on the journey ahead.

Be cautious – drive cautiously at all times when approaching a school. Always be aware that children may not be paying attention when approaching the school gates. It only take a second for a child to be knocked into the road, so try to drive extra slowly to improve your reaction time.

YellowLinesAvoid the zig-zags – never stop your car on the yellow zig-zag lines outside the school gate. They’ve been put there for a reason, to let children and parents pass through the school gates safely and to improve visibility for pedestrians and drivers approaching the school.

Stay safe – always let you passengers out on the pavement side to avoid any accidents or damage to your car doors.

Car share – if you can car share with another parent, take this option as the fewer vehicles around the school gates, the better.

Be aware – of the 20 mph speed limit which has been put in place on most roads surrounding schools. The reduced speed limit is there for a reason so it’s essential that you slow down and be mindful of children frequently crossing the road and/or emerging from parked cars.

On foot – if your children are walking to school, make sure they are fully aware of potential hazards such as crossing busy roads, and encourage them to always use the pedestrian crossing if there is one.



Posted by Leana Kell on 05/09/2016