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Tips for successful stress-free summer drivingBack

The summer holidays are here and thousands of people across the UK will be getting into their vehicles and heading off on holiday while the schools are closed, but driving holidays can prove stressful if you’re not fully prepared from the outset.

If you’re driving long distances this summer in your car, it’s well worth taking the time to plan your journey carefully to eliminate stress and make the experience enjoyable for everyone involved.

Take a look below at Trusted Dealers top tips for a successful stress-free summer driving holiday:

Plan your route

A relaxing holiday needs to start with a relaxing journey, and these days with all the mod cons we have access to, it isn’t that hard to plan your journey successfully, and well worth taking the time to do so. Wherever you’re going, use your laptop or mobile phone to source out the most direct route for your journey, and if you’re heading somewhere special, take time to check out the local attractions in advance. Many new cars, such as the Volkswagen Car-Net Guide & Inform function, allows car owners to sync their phones or laptops with their infotainment system, making it even easier to store vital information to make the journey go smoother.

Save cash in advance

Avoid unnecessarily prolonging your journey and take time to source the cheapest petrol stations in the area you’re travelling to before you set off. You can also look into areas which offer cheap or free parking for when you get there. A lot of in-car infotainment systems will now tell you where the next multi-storey car park is, and depending on the availability of local information, it can even tell you the number of free parking spaces and what they cost. Similarly, you can also look up the route to the nearest petrol station and even the price of petrol there.

Keep the temperature down

We’re all enjoying the warm weather spell but it can sometimes get very hot and stuffy in the car, particularly for young children or pets. Ensure everyone on the road has a comfortable journey by switching the air-con system on before you get in the car to allow the car plenty of time to cool down prior to your journey. When you’re safely out on the road, make sure you keep the air con circulating around the car to maintain the coolest environment for your passengers.

Avoid tiredness behind the wheel

In the hot weather, the onset of tiredness can be even more frequent, so if you do start to feel tired, it’s important to stop and take a break. If you’re really feeling tired, take a short nap or drink a cup of strong coffee. Tips to help avoid tiredness behind the wheel include, taking a 20 minute break in journeys of more than 3 hours. On a really long journey, it is better to take several short stops as opposed to one long one. Don’t drink any alcohol or consume a large meal before driving, and eat snacks regularly in the car – the act of chewing can help you to stay alert.

Posted by Leana Kell on 18/07/2018