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Top tips to reduce car fuel consumptionBack

200513 Save money on fuelFilling up your car is still one of the largest costs your will incur as a car owner. Despite the cost of fuel being significantly reduced in recent months, there’s still got a long way to go.

At present, the average price of petrol in the UK is around £1.11 per litre, while diesel is around £1.10 a litre, but how much it costs to fill up at the pump can vary from town to town.

If you’re keen to keep your fuel costs at an all time low, it pays to be frugal. Trusted Dealers has listed below a few simple ways you can help to reduce car fuel consumption and save cash at the pump.

Multi-task – your car uses up more fuel when it has been sat cold for a few hours so combining shorter errands into one longer trip will help to avoid higher fuel bills.

Avoid the rush hour – if you don’t need to drive at peak times, we’d strongly recommend you don’t. Stopping and starting your car in traffic can prove costly as you have to keep putting your car into first gear and then use up fuel to gain speed and get moving again. Where possible, try to look well ahead at what the traffic is doing and maintain a constant slower speed rather than stopping and starting, to save more fuel.

CarOverloadDon’t overload a vehicle – make sure you avoid loading your car up with unnecessary weight. For example, if you have a roof or bicycle rack attached to your car which is empty, remove it to avoid the drag that can be created. Furthermore, don’t overload your boot with heavy items such as golf clubs or a buggy that’s not in use; excess weight will increase fuel consumption as you drive.

Be patient behind the wheel – the perfect way to save money on fuel is to drive steadily at a constant speed and in the highest gear. Although this may not always be possible to achieve, when you do get the chance, try to relax and drive steady as opposed to being impatient and trying to overtake anyone in your midst, it will pay off the next time you fill up.

Turn off the air-con – it’s tempting to use the air conditioning on a hot day if you have it, but actually, your fuel consumption will reduce if you open a window instead.

Stick to the speed limit – breaking the speed limit is a false economy, although you might get to your destination earlier, you will burn up more fuel in the process, leading to frequent trips to the forecourt which could essentially lead to further delays in journey time.

230413 TyreSafeCheck your tyres – the state of your tyres can be detrimental to your fuel bills, in particular the pressure of your tyres. The lower the pressure, the more you’ll pay to get your car from A to B so we’d recommend you check your tyres once a fortnight to make sure the pressure is correct and there is no external damage.

Choose a hybrid – if you’re determined to keep car fuel consumption low, why not consider buying a hybrid or electric car? A hybrid car will use a lot less fuel whilst an electric will use none at all, and if you opt for an all-electric model, the Government will even give you £5,000 towards the cost – its a no brainer!

To find a new or second-hand car, visit the Trusted Dealers website or click here.

Posted by Leana Kell on 05/10/2015