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With new MOT ‘smoke’ test days away, don’t be caught outBack

With just days to go until the new MOT test is introduced in the UK, motorists need to be aware that more cars could fail on emissions.

On May 20th, the new MOT test regulations will come into force in an attempt to crack down on ‘dirty diesels’, which could result in a high number of motorists failing the test on emissions alone.

To stop this from happening, drivers are being urged to use a cost-effective off-the-shelf solution from CGON that could help keep your car on the road.

The new MOT test rules will close loopholes and make it much harder for vehicles to pass. One of the main focuses being on diesel cars. Cars fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) will instantly fail if there is ANY visible smoke at all from the exhaust and older diesels without filters will also fail if there is an excessive visible smoke.

At present more than 100,000 motorists fail the MOT every month on emissions, and with the new testing in place, this figure is set to increase significantly. To combat the problem, British manufacturer CGON is offering motorists a range of fuel enhancement products which  could reduce engine emissions by as much as 80%.

An example of the difference a CGON system can make, is on a 2003 Volkswagen Golf TDI diesel car. The company fitted a ezero1 passenger car box onto the car, which was filmed before and after the fitting, and the results could not be clearer.

Before fitment, a cloth placed on the exhaust tip turned black almost immediately by the particulates (‘soot’) emitted from the engine as smoke. After fitting the ezero1 box, a fresh cloth was again placed on the exhaust tip and held there. With dramatically reduced emissions, hardly any particulate matter collected on the cloth.

CGON is a product that has been developed over a period of 8 years and tested extensively on the road. The technology has been independently verified and is proven to reduce emissions such as CO2, HC, NO, PM and PN. Designed, produced and manufactured in the UK, the 100% recyclable ezero hydrogen additive box is fitted within the engine bay and can be used on any fossil fuel engine, from petrol to diesel to LPG.

The system works by introducing small amounts of very pure, very powerful hydrogen directly into the inlet chamber where it combines with the fuel- air mixture. The resulting hydrogen-fuel -air mix – which has a cooler burn that’s faster than a conventional mix – creates a more complete combustion cycle.

The result is that almost all waste gases are eliminated, drastically reducing harmful emissions. And because CGON’s technology increases engine efficiency, less fuel is used, with real-world drivers reporting savings of up to 20%. In addition, in a diesel engine, the much cleaner emissions also put less stress on the particulate filter, an item under increased scrutiny in the new MOT test.

The ezero box is topped up every 6,000 miles with CGON’s patented electrolyte solution (a 360ml pouch of electrolyte costs £8.40). The ezero1 can be fitted to any internal combustion car in approximately one hour. The box costs £459 including VAT and fitting and the CGON cells have a two year guarantee.

Simon Johnson, CEO of CGON said: “Improving air quality continues to be the great challenge of our time – and it’s clear that the Department for Transport is taking this very seriously indeed with the new changes to the MOT test. With over 100,000 MOT failures a month due to emissions already, this number is sure to skyrocket come May 20th, with diesel owners in the spotlight more than ever with new observed smoke tests.

“At CGON, we have been tackling the problem head-on for many months now, with our ezero technology which dramatically reduces particulates and NOx. Fitting one of our products to your car could not only help you pass the new MOT test but because CGON’s technology increases engine efficiency, it could also help you save fuel with real-world drivers reporting efficiency increases of up to 20%.

“The results shown in our video speak for themselves. We are proud to be able to offer a cost-effective and simple solution and one day believe that our system will be fitted to every car from new. In the meantime, thanks to our extensive installer network we are able to help drivers from Brighton to Orkney clean up their exhaust emissions and play our part in improving air quality.”

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Posted by Leana Kell on 18/05/2018