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Future Classics? Investing in CarsBack

xk120For most of us, a car is a utility wrapped in a package that hopefully expresses something about us. For some people, however, a car is a chance to invest in something tangible. Unlike stocks and shares, a car can be seen, touched and even driven – and as time passes, the rarity value inherent in a car naturally increases as the others that rolled off the production line succumb to rust and accidents.

Choosing a car in which to invest is a decision not to be taken lightly. To help you get an idea of what is involved in making such a choice, we’ve put together an illustrated guide to 6 cars from the last 6 decades that are now considered classics. This highlights such matters as perceived rarity, quality and the effect of history on how we look at cars from the past and should provide an informative and entertaining read for motoring fans everywhere – as well as a trip down memory lane!

“What cars will be classics in the future?” is the question that leaps to mind. Without the benefit of a crystal ball, it is impossible to tell. The new Jag F-Type for example would seem to be a shoe-in based on its stunning looks and rarefied performance. However, with its great build quality and anticipated production numbers, it might never achieve the rarity of its E-Type ancestor. More certain would be the likes of the McLaren 12C – which is distinguished by its extreme rarity and thus its inherently exotic appeal.

On the other hand, limited performance versions of even mass-market cars could easily attain minor classic status. The Mk1 VW Golf GTi may be pedestrian compared to its modern offspring, but in terms of retro cool, limited availability and legendary influence it will undoubtedly be the centrepiece of car collections in future decades.

Posted by Paul Carpenter on 19/08/2014