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Should you go the ‘extra’ mile? We reveal the features used car buyers wantBack

What do Climate control, a CD changer and a sunroof all have in common?

They’re all among the top five extras car buyers look for when buying a used car.

Here at we’ve taken a look at what extras can be easily and cheaply added to your car that are guaranteed to turn the heads of those looking for a used motor.

We’ve also looked at those extras that are expensive wastes of money, so you can avoid a disappointing return on investment when you come to sell your used car.

We surveyed used car buyers throughout the UK to arrive at our top (and bottom) fives – so what are the top five important extras that used car buyers look for?

Climate control: In at the top spot was built-in climate control, with 43% of people surveyed considering it to be either fairly important, or of utmost importance when buying a used car.

CD changer: In second place was a CD changer with 32% of people considering a CD changer to be an important addition to any used car.

Automatic headlamps and wipers: More than a third of people surveyed (31.3%) said that automatic headlamps and wipers were important when they were in the process of looking to buy a used car.

Sunroof: In fourth place was a sunroof, with 30.9% saying that this was something they looked out for when buying a used car.

Parking sensors: 28% of people stated that parking sensors were an important addition to any used car.

Installing all or some of the above extras to your used car is a big step on the road to a solid return on investment when you come to sell it on.

So now we know the top added extras, what are those extras that you should look to avoid?

Self-park: A very expensive option, self-park came in as the extra that almost two-thirds of people surveyed (59.5%) consider to be of least important when buying a used car.

Large alloy wheels: 57.9% of people said that large, flashy alloy wheels were unnecessary and would not appeal to them when buying a used car. They’re not to everyone’s taste and certainly don’t appeal to the mass market.

Heated seats: The third least important extra is the addition of heated seats, with 54.1% of those surveyed claiming they would not sway their opinion when buying a used car.

Bluetooth telephone connectivity: More than half of those people surveyed (52.5%) claimed that Bluetooth telephone connectivity was fairly unimportant, or of little important when they were looking to buy a used car.

Built-in Satellite navigation: Finally, built-in satellite navigation is another off putter for used car buyers, with 52% of people deeming it to be the fifth least important added extra.

Image credit: oldschooltrapgirl93

Posted by Leana Kell on 28/07/2011