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Used car buyers avoid private sales as our research shows drivers still end up with ‘dodgy’ carsBack

We recently conducted some consumer research into car buying habits and experiences and were surprised to find that 16 per cent of car buyers still end up with cars that have been written off, stolen or ‘clocked’.

Perhaps unsurprisingly 73 per cent said they better buying from a main, franchised dealer, 19 per cent saying they are happy purchasing a car from an independent dealer and eight per cent saying they would buy from a private seller.

After driving from the forecourt, nine per cent of drivers reported mechanical problems in the first week, over 13 per cent had issues in the first couple of months and a staggering 21 per cent reported problems in the first year. A further twenty per cent of car buyers said they were sold a car with underlying issues that remained undisclosed during the sales process.

Our research also showed that women still lack confidence when buying a car, with just under 48 per cent saying they would always want someone to go with them to the car dealership and provide a second opinion when buying a car, compared to just under a quarter of men.

Twenty-nine per cent of those surveyed said they usually buy second hand cars, with 22 per cent saying they are currently more likely to buy a used car at the moment, because they believe that they represent better value.

We’ll be posting about more findings from our research in the coming weeks.

Posted by Neil Addley on 05/04/2011