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Video Post: Amazing car crash escapesBack

With the weather in the UK being as it is right now, safe driving should be at the forefront of your mind. While the vast majority of journeys pass without incident, there are thousands of accidents every day. In some cases, the luck of people involved is incredible. You shouldn’t need a reminder, but here are some astonishing examples of times when luck was on people’s side.

Baby thrown from car in Russia

According to the Daily Telegraph, this toddler had been wrapped in a blanket and placed on the parcel shelf to sleep. In the melee of a crash with a truck, the baby was somehow flung clear of the car and escaped unscathed when another articulated lorry pulled to halt just feet away.

Man Thrown Through Truck Window Lands on his Feet

Again from Russia, this incredible escape beggars belief – when his lorry crashes into the back of the lorry in front, he is thrown clear through the window and literally lands on his feet.

Woman Avoids TWO Vehicles on Pavement

Some unthinking reflexes somehow get this pedestrian – caught on CCTV – from the path of two vehicles involved in a crash at a junction as they veer onto the path

Train Crossing Crash Miracle in Turkey

It’s hard to watch this video and believe that the man crossing the road escaped with only minor injuries. The double-articulated lorry is hit by a train running at full speed. Somehow by a one-in-a-million chance the two trailers pass around and over him, leaving him able to walk away from the scene.

Another Pavement Near-Miss

Another CCTV capture from Russia when a quick thinking pedestrian’s legs and reactions see him leap clear of two cars as they career onto the pavement.

Wherever you’re driving today everyone here at Trusted Dealers would like to remind you that many accidents each day don’t end as happily. Particularly in these treacherous winter conditions, we remind you to follow safe winter driving practice to make sure you get to your destination safely.

Posted by Paul Carpenter on 23/01/2013