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10 tips to keep your kids entertained in the carBack

KidsincarThe school holidays are fast approaching and many families will be taking to the car on a road trip in search of pastures new to enjoy the warmer weather. But, how do you keep the kids entertained during those long car journeys?

If car journeys are the thing you dread most about the school holidays, take a look below at Trusted Dealers’ guide to keeping kids in the car happy and parents sane!

1. Movies
When in doubt stick a movie on, or better still two if you have an in-car dual DVD player. IPads, iPhones and laptops can all offer a similar service so make sure yours are fully charged and packed with downloads of your children’s favourite games, TV programmes and films.

2. Travel Sized Games
Invest in some travel sized games – you can get most of the family favourites in pocket-sized versions now, and they are worth their small cost. Not only will they keep your kids busy in the car, they can continue to entertain during the holiday itself too.

3. Pad & Pencils
Despite the ever-evolving times, children still enjoy the simple things in life. Investing in a handful of notepads and coloured pencils can go a long way, but avoid buying felt-tips unless you want your car decorated in pen marks for life!

4. Handy gadgets
There are many gadgets in the home you might not think would keep a child entertained. Some children will play for hours on calculators whilst stop watches are also a good source of amusement. Disposable cameras can also be a great idea, and a chance for you to view the world through your child’s eyes at the end of the trip.

5. Audiobooks
Audiobooks are a great idea for all the family to enjoy. Or, you might find that whilst your children are quietly listening to the story, you can grab 30 minutes to yourself! There’s no need to buy these from new, your local library should have a good collection you can borrow and swap when needed.

6. Crafts
Crafts such as beading, finger lacing and crocheting can all be achieved in the car – you can even play games such as cat’s cradle. Bring plenty of yarn and some books on things to make, and you’ll soon find the hours are flying by!

7. Make a playlist
Create an in-car playlist of everyone’s favourite tunes – it makes the time pass quicker and the trip become more fun! You can also make a ‘quiet’ time playlist for sleep times and quiet times.

8. Bring a map
Print a copy of a map containing your route and mark it out for your kids to follow. This way, everyone can see where you’re heading. Make copies for everyone so children can mark off places and roads as you go – it will help to keep you and them feeling positive!

9. Books
A traditional method of passing the time that never ages. Keep your car well stocked up with books, and if you’re kids are too young to read, you can always read out loud together.

10. Food
When in doubt, tempt your kids with fun treats and snacks – perhaps bring along some snacks they’ve never had before and use them as motivation or a reward for good behaviour in the car. Avoid sugary foods unless you want a car of hyper children for the duration of your trip.




Posted by Leana Kell on 13/07/2015