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9 benefits of ‘black box’ car insuranceBack

BlackBox insuranceIf you’ve just passed your driving test and you’re looking for a lower insurance premium, black box insurance could be the answer.

Young drivers between the age of 17-25 are most commonly charged the highest insurance premiums, mainly because insurers base their calculations on a block of driver profiles and statistical evidence – young and newly qualified drivers are most likely to be involved in an accident.

The black box was first launched by Aviva more than a decade ago, but there are now a host of insurers on the market offering this type of insurance to new and young drivers. The key is finding the right insurer to suit your individual needs.

Take a look below at Trusted Dealers’ list of 9 benefits to investing in black box car insurance:

1. You save cash
Black box insurance is also referred to as ‘pay as you go car insurance’, because it aims to offer drivers a premium that is based on actual driving style rather than statistics. If you drive well and stick to the rules, black box insurance can immediately save you cash on your premiums. Direct Line offer customers under 21 a 25% upfront discount, while drivers aged 21-25 can get at least a 15% upfront discount.

2. Simple installation
The black box device is about as small as a smartphone and comes in the post as a plug-in device. You can download step by step guides off the internet on how to install the box, and companies have now made it so easy it should only take you a matter of minutes – no tools required.

3. Easy to monitor
Once the device is fitted to your car, you can make regular checks to monitor your driving performance. The black box records speed, distance travelled and the time of day and night you’re on the road as well as your driving style, for example, how often you brake sharply. It will also record the types of road you travel on and the times of day you typically travel – all of this builds up a comprehensive profile of you as a driver. You can then access a secure website to find out how you are performing in each category. This will show you if you need to make any changes to your driving style. You can even receive tips to improve your driver score and reduce your premium further.

4. Premiums change monthly
Car insurance policies that are linked to a black box are reviewed on a monthly basis so the insurer can adjust them regularly and reward policy holders with better driving. It can also have the reverse effect – if you’re driving recklessly the policy will be swiftly increased!

5. Good drivers rewarded
Telematics technology will help to improve overall driving standards by rewarding safe driving with cheaper premiums, but careful drivers may have the added benefit of incentives such as ‘bonus miles’, meaning they can drive more often with no increase in their future policy price. Furthermore, if you can limit the amount of driving you do, particularly at night or at peak times, you should also see a reduction in the price of your policy.

6. Society benefits
In the UK alone, around 5 people die on the roads each day and an estimated 18 billion pounds is spent in economic costs attributed to accidents. Black box insurance encourages people to drive more safely and is therefore a benefit to society and the economy as a whole as rogue drivers will be monitored, driving will be improved and road accidents will decrease.

7. Owners can be tracked
The technology used for black box monitoring can also be used to prevent theft and track cars. Using GPS technology from the black boxes, insurance companies can locate stolen vehicles, and in some cases remotely disengage the ignition to make the car immobile to thieves.

8. Claims handled better
The information collected from the black box can be very useful in the case of a car accident. For example, it can prove whether a driver was speeding or driving dangerously prior to the accident. This can speed up car insurance claims and more importantly provide vital information for court cases.

9. Quotes made easy
There are plenty of insurers currently offering black box insurance to young drivers, so it pays to shop around before you choose the right one. Using price comparison websites such as and, will help you to find out quickly whether investing in black box insurance is going to have a positive effect on your car insurance premium or not.

Posted by Leana Kell on 04/02/2015