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HappyDriverStatistics from more than 650,000 vehicle owners have revealed Britain’s happiest drivers.

According to results from a survey of car owners, the UK’s happiest drivers are most likely to be called Daniel or Wendy, live in Scotland in either Dumfries or Galloway and may drive a blue or yellow Skoda!

Data was supplied by more than 650,000 motorists to who independently rated their cars, so that researchers were not only able to identify the models drivers were happiest with but also who the drivers were and where they came from.

Statistics revealed that out of all the male names put forward, the male motorist who was most happy with his car was called Daniel, this was closely followed by Jack. For female drivers, the names that most frequently circulated around happy female motorists were Wendy and Jane.

Similarly, those drivers who were least happy were named as Jamie or Wayne, while Liz and Tracey were the unhappiest females behind the wheel.

Colour also had a significant role to play in Britain’s happiest drivers. Teal blue coloured cars were the most popular among owners, followed by yellow and white whilst purple and brown cars were the least satisfying to own.

And don’t visit Kent or Newcastle if you’re a car owner – apparently the motorists in Rochester and Newcastle were amongst the unhappiest car owners. Instead, head to Dumfries and Galloway to find the happiest car owners in Britain.

Finally, the make of car that came out as the most popular was Skoda where owners were declared in the survey as the happiest in Britain

Would you change your name to Daniel to enjoy a happier driving experience? Does a vibrant splash of colour add further joy to your motoring life? Or do you think that the place you live in has a lot to say about your happiness as a driver? We’d love to know what YOU think!

Posted by Leana Kell on 07/11/2014