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Are you ready for winter?Back

The clocks are changing soon so it’s a good time to start preparing your car for the winter months.

Winter is not a good time to find yourself stuck in the snow or for your car to simply break down, particularly if it’s cold and wet and you are far from home.

Planning for driving in the winter months is therefore not only practical but it will keep you safe if you find yourself suddenly stranded in the cold weather for a length of time.

Below is a few tips from Trusted Dealers to help you stay safe and prepared for winter driving this season:

Create a check list

It’s important to make sure you have a boot containing the essential equipment required for any type of breakdown. We’d suggest that the list includes warm clothing such as a hat, gloves, sweater and warm coat, a torch, a de-icer and scraper, some water and a map. It’s also worth making sure you always have wallet to hand and a fully charged mobile phone. Also, if you’re a member of a breakdown service, make sure the details you need are close to hand.

Top up your oil and water

If you’re about to embark on a longer journey then it’s well worth checking your oil and radiator coolant are topped up as well as your screen wash. One of the bad habits some motorists adopt is to use water in their wind screen tank, but this is a very bad idea as it can cause the tank to freeze and will therefore not be readily available when you most need it.

Check your car’s exterior

Make sure your windows are clean both inside and out, and that all of your lights are working. One way to check if you are on your own is to reverse your car close to a light coloured fence or wall or near to a window and the reflection will tell you what you need to know. If you find a light is broken then fix it as soon as you can. Check your wipers are working too, it will only cost a few pounds to replace them, but in heavy rain, they are invaluable.

Tell someone your location

If you’re making a journey alone, always tell someone where you plan to go and at what time so that if the alarm is raised, someone will know of your rough whereabouts. It’s also worth topping up your petrol locally as you’ll find the prices become inflated once on the motorway.

Stay alert on the road

Planning your journey to include plenty of stops will also help reduce the risk of tiredness which can lead to an accident. There are more accidents on the roads caused by tiredness than by drink drivers, so it’s important to remain alert at all times. A caffeine induced drink or opening the window for a bi will also help perk you up.



Posted by Leana Kell on 12/10/2011