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Avoid being dazzled behind the wheelBack

LowSunThe Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has put out a warning this week to motorists who are driving in the low autumn sun to take care not to be dazzled behind the wheel.

Low lying sun at this time of year can have a large impact on driving – it makes it difficult to see other things or people on the road which can potentially cause accidents.

Trusted Dealers have put together a few tips below for motorists, to help avoid the dazzling sun and stay safe on the roads this autumn.

Slow down

Bright light can have an adverse effect to what you would expect – just like dim light, bright light can actually stop you from seeing things clearly. It is therefore important in these conditions, when sun might be affecting your ability to see clearly, to slow down. Even if you feel under pressure from the vehicle behind you, it is important to reduce your speed and focus on the road ahead so that you can approach areas such as sharp bends with precaution.

Grab your glasses

Don’t just rely on your car’s sun visor as it won’t necessarily stop low sun from beaming down on your windscreen. Its therefore important to carry a pair of sunglasses for added protection again low sun. If you have a spare pair of glasses, keep them in the car so you can reach for them when you need to easily.

Use your lights

When you are driving before sunset, a recommended way to increase visibility is to switch on your headlights so other drivers can see you more clearly. The same applies for driving after sunrise where you should keep your headlights switched on until the light level really gets up.

Clean your windscreen

Dirt and grime can often build up on your windscreen and it becomes even more visible in low sun conditions, leading to your vision being further obstructed. To ensure this doesn’t happen, make sure your washer bottle is filled regularly with good quality screen washer liquid (not just water), so you can effectively wash away any deposits and clear the streaks.

Don’t look at it

As difficult as it can be, you must try to avoid looking directly at the sun as this will impact what you can see on the road. Contact with low, sharp rays of sun can make your eyes feel blurry and hazy which will immediately affect your driving. If you experience these symptoms, find a safe place to pull off the road and take a break until you can see clearly again.


Posted by Leana Kell on 24/09/2014