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Avoid in-car arguments this bank-holidayBack

ArgumentsEver argued on a car journey? If you’re one of the majority of drivers who has argued with their partner or spouse whilst behind the wheel, take some tips from the experts this bank holiday.

We all get frustrated and hot under the collar on difficult car journeys, particularly when things don’t always go according to plan. The plain sailing car journey you imagine can quickly go very wrong if your sat nav chooses to let you down, or an accident occurs. Before you know it, you can be held up in wall-to-wall traffic and tempers can ensue.

So, before you lose your rag, why not take a look at the results of a recent survey and follow some tips on how to stay calm and avoid an in-car argument this bank-holiday weekend.

An online survey conducted by audio and infotainment specialist HARMAN recently found that a third of UK respondents to a recent online survey (33%) cited getting lost as the biggest cause of bust-ups with fellow passengers while on the road.

The poll lists bad driving habits such as sharp braking and speeding as the second biggest cause (22%), while the length of the journey was third (13%), closely followed by music choice (12%) as the fourth greatest cause of bickering while behind the wheel.

Below is a copy of the full results:

1) Getting lost
2) Bad driving habits (e.g. speeding, sharp braking)
3) Length of journey
4) Music choice
5) Too much noise
6) The driver refusing to ask for directions
7) Too many rest/toilet breaks

With the above in mind, take a look below at some top tips to avoid car journey arguments this bank holiday.

Plan ahead: check your quickest route beforehand and look for any major traffic hotspots that could cause delays

Pick your break destinations: plan on-route rest and toilet stops in advance so everyone knows when and how many times you’ll be stopping

Check traffic alerts: incidents and road closures can cost hours. If your satnav doesn’t have live traffic reports, check the Highways Agency alerts for incidents and road closures before setting off

Prepare entertainment: make sure there’s plenty for passengers, particularly children, to do. Make a music playlist beforehand with everyone picking a couple of their favourite songs, download films onto tablets and research some easy to play game ideas, such as ‘I spy’ or ‘Who am I?’

Pack snacks: keep the peace with a few savoury and sweet snacks to keep bickering caused by hunger pangs at bay

Posted by Leana Kell on 28/08/2015