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Best car accessoriesBack

Best car devices The has just released a list of its top 10 best car accessories, and Trusted Dealers have picked out three of our favourites which we think would make perfect, dare we day it, Christmas gifts for your loved ones this winter. Take a look below at our top three picks:

The Parrot Minikit Smart – £55

The Parrot Minikit Smart works as an in-car mobile phone holder, but it goes one step further by offering Bluetooth connectivity. It fixes to your windscreen just like a TomTom with a suction mount and then holds your phone in place with a spring-loaded clamp. To activate the hands-free option, you effectively have to press a button(!) located at the base of the unit and then you talk to the phone to say who you wish to call. Voice recognition in cars can vary dramatically but the quality using this device works pretty well. To get the best signal, Parrot recommends mounting the bundled microphone on the rear-view mirror or sunvisor. In addition, if your phone has sat nav you can play the directions through the same device.

AA Road watch Pro – £1.99 per annum (on iPhone)

This is a fantastic App that offers great value for money when you consider how annoying being stuck in a traffic jam can be! Okay, it can’t guarantee that you go for an entire year without getting stuck in a queue, but it will certainly give you a head start on where problems are developing on the roads. Although there are many traffic jam Apps available, the Telegraph recommends the AA Roadwatch Pro as the best one currently available on the market mainly because it it takes its data directly from TomTom and will work on an iPhone or Windows 8 device. It will either show traffic jams on a map or if you enter your location and destination, it will highlight any hold-ups on your intended route. If you have an iPhone you can try this app out for free for a week first before you purchase.

car chassis cleanerKarcher Chassis Cleanerfrom £69.95

This is an excellent gadget for the winter months as it is a great way to keep the underside of your car clean and safe from corrosive road salt. Simply attach the device to a pressure washer and use it to clean the underside of your car with the accompanying shampoo and a high-pressure rinse.The Chassis Cleaner can then also be used to add a layer of treatment that for six weeks will protect your car from corrosion caused by road salt.


Posted by Leana Kell on 20/09/2013