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Britain’s worst driving habits revealedBack

Road rage (male)Last week, the first motorist was convicted for lane hogging, but what other bad road habits simply drive us all mad on the roads? Trusted Dealers takes a look below.

Lane hogging

Lane hogging is defined as a slow driver who is reluctant to change lanes. The latest conviction for lane hogging went to a van driver who persistently remained in the middle lane on the M62. He was stopped by the police and refused to pay a fine, so was ordered absentia which resulted in a £1,000 fine issued at a magistrate’s court hearing. A justified punishment for a breach of driving etiquette that has become am increasing nuisance on motorways and minor roads.


Accidents occur, and some bad ones can cause long tail backs for unsuspecting drivers. It’s frustrating if you get stuck in one, but like many things in life, most drivers have to accept it. But one of the most pointless driving annoyances is rubbernecking motorists who slow down to gape and gawk at an accident. Not only is it tasteless, it’s also selfish – the slowing down of just a few nosy drivers can be the reason for mile long tail backs that could easily be avoided.

Roaring engines

We’ve all been the victim of a loud, roaring motor down a quiet suburban street – why motorists feel the need to break speed limits and risk lives just to show off the strength of their car’s motor is a mystery yet to be solved. Some drivers and bikers even remove the silencers on their exhausts (an illegal operation) just so everyone can hear the loud revving noise as they zoom about the streets. Unless you’ve got a Ferrari or Jag, the sound of someone’s engine is simply an irritant that most of us wish to avoid.

Loud music

We all like to listen to a bit of music in the car every so often, but some motorists view their car stereo as a portable nightclub. A totally unnecessary noise we’d all like to avoid is the sound of blaring music from someone’s car – particularly cars with their windows down blasting out the likes of hip hop with a thumping base line. Why not save the musical appreciation for motorway driving or do us all a favour and leave the windows up.

Driven to distraction

There are many gadgets and outside influences that can drive motorists to distraction and cause frustration, or worse still accidents. Avoid eating tricky foods in the car when behind the wheel, and if the kids are driving you mad, no matter how frazzled you become, keep your eyes on the road. There’s nothing worse than holding other drivers up in queues or at traffic lights for little reason, when they’re waiting to put their foot down.

Honk happy

We all have to beep our horns once in a while, when the time is right, but try to avoid honking unnecessarily. Give other drivers space to make the odd mistake – it’s probably not going to hold you up more than 30 seconds and could prevent mounting road rage that could result in more serious consequences.


Posted by Leana Kell on 24/06/2015