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Cars for kidsBack

If you’re about to start a family, or you’re looking to buy a car which will house your growing brood, it is well worth taking some key factors into consideration.

When once you could pick a car simply because you liked the badge, you now have some much bigger elements to weigh up before you make your all important purchase.

Follow the Trusted Dealers’ guide below, to help you make the right decision:


Safety will most likely to at the foremost of your mind when you’re planning for a little one, so it’s well worth checking the safety features which come with the particular car you’re viewing. Look for the amount of airbags offered and check out the car’s star rating with NCAP as this will tell you how safe the car will fare should you have an accident. Finally, make sure you car has ISOFIX points within the back seats, which offer the maximum safety and stability for child car seats.


It’s important to check out the security measures in place to ensure your car is safe when stationary. Deadlocks are important as well as remote central locking to save you trying to fumble about with the lock on dark winter evenings, with the kids in tow.


Depending on whether this is your first child or a new addition to your growing family, it’s well worth considering the logistics of the rear seats. If you require more than two car seats in the back then you will need to consider opting for a larger car such as an estate or and MPV which will offer you more room in the back, or a third row of seats if required. MPVs are a good choice as they are well kitted out for families, with many offering sliding rear doors for easy access and a large spacious boot.

Load space

This is another major consideration to think about as you need to make sure that your boot space is large enough to fit in your child’s buggy, and perhaps even the weekly shop. Many mothers curse themselves later down the line when they’ve forked out for a brand new buggy which they simply cannot fit into the boot. It’s well worth trying out your buggy for size before you take the tags off, or better still, choose a car with large boot dimensions for added peace of mind. It might be that in a few years time you might even need to house a double buggy, so it’s worth making the adjustments now.






Posted by Leana Kell on 14/10/2011