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If you’re looking for a new motor, it is well worth making sure that you’re old car which you are hoping to sell, fetches the best price it can.

Often buyers forget in their excitement to buy a new car that their old car still requires attention, and could fetch them a solid chunk of cash if they play their cards right. Relying on the dealer to simply make you an offer on your car in its exiting state is simply not enough and could cost you hundreds of pounds.

From a dealer’s point of view, if the car needs some money spent on it to make it a worthwhile sale, he’ll have to allow for this when he quotes you a price. So, to prevent this happening it’s well worth following some simple tips from the Trusted Dealers below.

Prepare your paperwork

Make sure you’ve got all the relevant documents you need before you enter a dealership such as MoT certificates, service history, garage repair bills etc and make sure that they are all up to date and in your name else you’ll not be able to sell. If the MoT has less than 6 months to run then it might be worth taking a re-test to increase your car’s saleability. If you are missing any service stamps, make sure you re-visit the garage that carried out the repairs and get them to stamp your book so it is fully up to date. Putting all of your documents into a smart wallet will also show the dealer that you are a caring owner.

Make sure you car is clean

Make sure you’ve given your car a proper valet both inside and out before you come to sell it. If you’re not prepared to put in the legwork yourself then visiting a local car valet centre should cost you no more than around £20. The result should mean the dealer might be able to put the car straight onto his forecourt which will add extra pounds to the part-exchange price offered.

Fix dents and scrapes

If you’re trying to sell a high value luxury or performance car or a car that is less than five year’s old then it is well worth attending to any bumps and scrapes before you try to sell it. Using a magic repaid specialist is one way to keep costs down as they are must cheaper than traditional body shops.

Negotiate well

Never accept the first price you’re offered, have in mind the price you’re willing to sell the car for and ask for slightly more than this to ensure that you settle in the middle at a price which you’re happy with. And remember not to take negotiations personally, and keep the tone friendly. Usually the amount you’re offered will relate to the type of car you wish to buy, so if you’re opting for a new car which is in high demand, you’ll more likely receive a price for your trade in which is lower.

Posted by Leana Kell on 28/10/2011