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Check out Trusted Dealers’ truly terrifying cars this Halloween…Back

HalloweenWriters and film makers have often sought to find horror in the mundane, and this doesn’t stop at cars. What may come across as normal to the viewer can in fact be terrifying!

Take a look below at some of the cars to make our spooky shortlist this Halloween…

1958 Plymouty Fury: “Christine”
Stephen King’s imagination gave birth to the baddest of all haunted cars. Taking the tropes associated with haunted cars – a mysterious death, a demented owner, a doomed romance – he created a tale of a car with a mind of its own that crushed all in its path of possession. Luckless Arnie Cunningham and all those he loved were driven to death under the wheels of the haunted car – to a soundtrack of classic ’50s car songs.

1955 Peterbilt: Duel
In Stephen Spielberg’s 1975 TV movie Duel, Dennis Weaver is pursued along desert highways by a huge, almost featureless truck that repeatedly tries to drive him off the road. It is left tantalisingly ambiguous as to who is driving the truck – a man of flesh and blood or a demonic force.

Jeepers Creepers Truck
The 2001 horror classic Jeepers Creepers sees a pair of siblings hunted down by a malevolent demon who seeks 23 victims every 23 years. In his worldly form, the demon hunts its victims by driving them off a road in a hideous truck

“The Car”
While the film itself was short on critical acclaim, the star of the 1977 thriller The Car is a long-bodied, sleek and menacing slice of the American Nightmare: a driverless car terrorising a remote community in Utah. Poor James Brolin – who had only just escaped the Amityville Horror – now had to face the ultimate automotive terror.

“Who you gonna call?” was the rhetorical question on everyone’s lips in 1984 when Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters laid waste to the box office. Starring Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson as the titular spook-busting heroes, their chosen means of transport became a film icon.

The Mystery Machine
Was there anything scarier when you were a child than the spooks, monsters and creepy caretakers that populated the world of Scooby-Doo?

For more information or to learn about how to avoid bumping into these cars this Halloween, click here.


Posted by Leana Kell on 31/10/2014