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How to choose the right car for retirementBack

RetirementYou’ve finished your career and now it’s time to start enjoying your retirement, and for many this might mean a change of car is on the cards.

Choosing the right car to suit your new lifestyle might seem like a difficult process, after all, the world is now at your feet, but taking some time to consider your latest needs and desires will help you to make the right choice on the perfect car for your older years.

Follow Trusted Dealers‘ simple guide below on the things to consider when choosing the right car for retirement.

Consider your everyday needs

Unlike the time when you chose a vehicle for a specific reason – be it the family bus, the car to accommodate new drivers or the car for your business needs – hopefully none of these issues will now apply and you can start thinking about what YOU really need your car for. Have a think about your future lifestyle and how you plan to spend your time. Will you be travelling frequently across the country or abroad, or do you simply need a small city runabout for those simple trips to the shops? Taking time to consider your needs will help you to make the right choice.

Is price an issue?

For many older people, price becomes less of a factor as opposed to the practicality and safety features which you might look for in a new or used car. However, if price is still at the forefront of your mind then choosing cars which offer good resale values is a good option, so that when you come to sell the vehicle on you won’t lose too much of your initial spend. Looking at factors such as fuel economy and general running costs is also highly important if you intend to get plenty of value for money.

What features does it have?

Equipment, safety and security features are at the forefront of most people’s minds when they consider their next car, so if you are looking for the finer things in life, choosing a car which offers plenty of these features will help to make life that bit easier on a longer journey. Safety is also of utmost importance if you intend to transport the grandchildren around – choosing cars which offer ISOFIX seating points for car seats and a higher seating position will help to combat these issues.

How much storage do I need?

The larger the car you choose the more money you’re likely to pay in fuel costs, so it’s important to assess just how much space you’ll actually need on a daily basis. There are many estate cars currently available which offer vast boot space if required, so plenty of room for the dog or a set of golf clubs! However, you can also benefit from buying a smaller city car or supermini if you want to save money on fuel costs but still benefit from a boot large enough for the weekly shop and luggage for two. The size of the car might also be a factor when it comes to ease of access – a three door car might not serve the right purpose if you’ve regularly got older friends clambering in and out of the back!

Equipment to make life easier

If you have issues with visibility then choosing a car with advanced safety features and the latest technologies can help with everything from checking your blind spot to parallel parking. Reverse parking systems, rear cameras, and blind spot warnings are all technologies that have been developed to help with this, but it’s worth noting that most of these features do not tend to come as standard, so you’ll need to negotiate hard with your car salesman to make sure you get the right price for a car with these added extras.

Posted by Leana Kell on 14/04/2014