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Clio vs Corsa vs Micra vs Polo vs 500?Back

Chloe sparks a 4 way smackdown with her question: I am 17 and have a budget of £8,000 and don’t know what to buy? I want a little 3 door car because big cars scare me. I have a short list of Clio, Corsa, Micra, Polo, Fiat 500.

Firstly – how times change! When I was 17, I had £500 to spend, and that went on a Fiat Panda (one of the old square ones: ask your mum!) Secondly, talking of my mum, I could say that my mum’s Clio has done 70,000 trouble free miles, or that a friend took his Polo round the clock and only gave it up because he crashed it.

I could say that the Micra is a light and fun little thing whereas the Corsa is quite big, and solid and feels comfortingly well-made.

Given enough time I may be able to find something positive to say about the Fiat 500 – like it’s pretty.

But all this misses the point really. These cars are within a cat’s eye of each other in terms of performance, comfort, reliability and style.

What matters is value for money and choice on the market today; conveniently the two go hand-in-hand. With £8,000 to spend, go for a one year old Corsa and you can take your pick from a huge number of colours and specifications. There are scores of cars out there with mileages as low as 5,000 too.

After that there are a number of one year old Fiestas and Fiat 500s, but very few Polos and even fewer Clios. So you won’t be able to be so picky on condition, colour or specification and haggling will be harder. If you drive a Clio and decide you love it, you’ll probably end up spending the £8,000 to get a good 2 year old one.


Posted by Paul Carpenter on 28/08/2012