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Does the school run stress you out?Back

StressLevelsA new survey has revealed that many parents’ stress levels peak during the school run.

Most of us would agree that sometimes the school run does not always run smoothly. In fact, a recent study conducted on behalf of Allianz Insurance, discovered that stress levels of parents peaks at around 8.15am, right in the middle of the school run.

Chartered psychologist, Dr Simon Moore analysed the saliva levels of a number of parents at five different times during the morning. The experiment measured the levels of cortisol found in parents, a hormone released when the body experiences higher than normal stress levels.

The experiment found that cortisol levels were at their highest in parents at the time they dropped their kids off at school around 8.15am.

When the same parents were questioned in relation to the experiment findings, some parents described what they coined as a “stress hangover” left over from the school run, which could last until 2.30pm with one quarter of parents admitting their mood throughout the day was a direct result of how well the school run had gone.

Further findings from the survey suggested that 30% of parents felt that getting their kids ready for school could in fact mess up their entire day’s schedule, and that even parents who received help with the school run found that their stress levels were not reduced.

Spokesperson from Allianz Insurance, Francesa Keefe, said: “We know that stress has a negative impact on driving behaviour and with over half (55 per cent) of the UK’s children travelling to school by car it’s important that parents are doing what they can to relieve any unnecessary stress before they get behind the wheel.”

Thankfully, the parents who did take part in the study felt there were some positives that did come out of the school run. 39 per cent said they enjoyed the time spend with their children, whilst a further 36 per cent felt that the school run home enabled them the opportunity to hear about their child’s school day.

Posted by Leana Kell on 03/11/2014