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Driverless buses: Would you get on one?Back

DriverlessBusesThe Government reveals that one company is already making preparations to run computer-controlled buses in Britain.

The news comes following the Government’s announcement earlier this year that trials of driverless cars are set to take place in three UK cities in 2015 following changes to the Highway Code.

Now, a major bus operator has entered into discussions to run driverless buses within the UK, the Government revealed last week. Claire Perry, the Transport Minister, commented that driverless buses could help businesses to provide “better and more frequent” services, especially in rural areas.

Speaking at the Driverless Vehicles Conference at Thatcham last Wednesday, Mrs Perry said: “A major component of rural transport is the cost of the driver – and so a truly driverless bus could transform rural public transport in the future.”

It has yet to be revealed which company has expressed an interest in the driverless technology for buses, but it remains very likely that Transport for London will introduce driverless buses to Britain in decades to come.

At present, driverless cars are being tested in several states across America. The vehicles use GPS technology to determine their exact location and navigate their way across the road map, although once the cars become legal, they will initially require a driver to be seated at the wheel.

Google has already clocked up more than 300,000 miles in its computer controlled autonomous car during trials in California, and next month the winners of the competition to run trials in the UK will revealed.

Would YOU climb aboard a driverless bus? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.


Posted by Leana Kell on 27/10/2014