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Drivers to be given advanced warning of motorway fuel pricesBack

SignHave you ever pulled into a motorway service station and wished you hadn’t? Not because your darling child who has been nagging you to stop for the loo, has now decided he doesn’t actually need to go, but for something a lot more irritating – the steeper price of fuel.

A move announced today by the Ministry of Justice will see drivers given advance warning of motorway fuel prices, with display boards planned that will inform drivers of the prices before they enter the services.

The display boards which are due to be installed on motorways will show the petrol prices at all of the service stations along that stretch of motorway enabling motorists to compare how much each filling station is charging.

The move follows an investigation by the Office of Fair Trading (OfT) which found that last year unleaded petrol was on average 7.5 pence a litre more expensive at motorway service stations than on forecourts elsewhere.

For motorists driving an average sized car such as a Vauxhall Astra, this added as much as £3.75 to the cost of filling up their tank.

The move has been announced alongside a package of recent schemes by the Government aimed at bringing down the cost of living for motorists and people in general. Whilst the OfT did accept that there were higher costs incurred by motorway forecourts, it felt it would be fairer for drivers to see the prices of fuel first to make their own informed decision.

According to the Department for Transport the initiative will undergo a trial before, if successful, being rolled out elsewhere on the motorway network.

AA president Edmund King said: “We have been pushing for this for some time. We used the example of France where they show you this on the autoroute.

“It means you can look for the best price at the start of the journey. This seems like a sensible move which should see some price competition.”

With most of us expected to welcome a display of petrol prices on the motorway, perhaps some of us will begrudge the fact that the steep prices are still set to remain, and let’s face it, if you need to fill up, you need to fill up. What are YOUR thoughts?

Posted by Leana Kell on 23/10/2013