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Driver’s top summer stressesBack

Summer stressesEuropcar reveals that 62 per cent of drivers worry about their car’s breaking down on long journeys.

The summer holidays are in full swing and whilst a trip away can be a relaxing experience, the journey to get there might not be so plain sailing.

In fact, many people site that arguments with passengers, road rage at other drivers and worries that the car they are driving won’t even reach its destination can turn what was a joyful event into something resembling more of a nightmare.

Europcar, a UK hire company has conducted a recent survey which has revealed the top things that really grind down drivers. Forty-two percent of motorists are driven mad by people driving too close, whilst middle-lane hoggers bug up to 39 per cent of us, and being cut up scored a further 37 per cent. Coupled to these irritants, include slow Sunday drivers, especially on long journeys.

Inside the car, some equally infuriating habits include back seat drivers which account for 37 per cent of complaints, a partner’s inability to read a map at 18 per cent, and trying to pack a boot which is too small – please refer to our latest roof rack article at this point!

Despite all these gripes, according to Europcar research, the largest concern for motorists remains the reliability of their car for long trips. Ken McCall, Managing Director, Europcar UK Group explains: “As the schools break up for the Summer holidays, the family car becomes even more vital for everything from day trips, to excursions to visit relatives and, of course, getting to the airport for holidays abroad.

“But our latest research suggests that many families have little confidence in the family car being up to the job. And that’s more likely to be the case as families try to managed stretched finances, perhaps leaving servicing or maintenance until it’s absolutely necessary. Nearly two thirds of drivers who responded to our survey (62%) said they are concerned about their vehicle breaking down on long trips, illustrating that reliability is a big issue for most motorists.

With this in mind, it has never been a better time to assess your aftersales care and make sure that once you purchase a new or used car, you have the back up from a team of professionals to ensure that wherever you go on your holidays, your car will remain roadworthy.

Trusted Dealers offer a complete aftersales plan which runs alongside our 10 Points of Difference price promise and ensures that all of our customers benefit from cars that have not only been professionally checked and well maintained pre-sale, but a guaranteed gold service post-sale, providing added peace of mind to all of our buyers that the next journey they embark on will be an easier one.

Posted by Leana Kell on 02/08/2013