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‘F1’ plate for sale at £10 million!Back

F1Fancy a new personalised number plate? If you’ve got in excess of £10 million to spend, you could be the next ‘F1’ plate owner.

News released today has revealed that the number plate ‘F1’ is back on the market – but who is going to be the lucky owner of this highly sought after number?

The ‘F1’ plate is back on sale for £10 million, just six years after it was bought for a mere £440,000!

The current owner of the plate is a Yorkshire-based business tycoon Afzal Kahn, who has the plate registered on his Bugatti Veyron hypercar, which is only worth £1 million on its own – one tenth of the asking price for the ‘F1’ plate.

Marketed by registration company Regtransfers, the ‘F1’ plate is up for sale for a very precise sum of just £10,009,995, although according to Afzal Kahn’s spokesman, Mohammed Bhana, the businessman recently turned down an offer of £8.5 million for the plate from a potential buyer in the Middle East.

The F1 plate was previously registered on a Volvo S80 used by the chairman of the Essex County Council and was sold by the council to raise money for training young drivers. The price paid by Kahn was a record for any private plate at the time, and just ahead of the £397,500 achieved by S1 in the same year.

To date, the record for a number plate sold by the DVLA is £352,411 in 2009 for ‘1D’, with a spokeswoman for the agency commenting: “We’ve cleaned out the cupboard of the high-value ones – once it’s gone it’s gone.

Another of Kahn’s number plates for sale through Regtransfers is 4HRH which is up for £275,000 – optimistic given that 1HRH is with the same company for £60,000 less!



Posted by Leana Kell on 13/06/2014