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Fancy a 1961 Triumph Herald with just 20 miles on the clock?Back

Classic carA 52 year old classic car is soon to be auctioned with only 20 miles on the clock.

The rare navy blue Triumph Herald is expected to fetch thousands when it goes under the hammer this month.

The car is in top condition and still has its original and only tax disc which was issued in 1961 for the sum of just £15.

Auctioneers have predicted that the car will reach between £12,000 and £15,000 when it goes to auction by East Anglian Motor Auctions in Norfolk on Saturday.

Auctioneer Tristram Belemore-Smith said: “The car dealer sold the Triumph Herald to a lady customer in 1961 and it was delivered to her home on a trailer. Some years later he got a phone call from the family to say the lady had passed away and would he like to buy the car back?

“When he went to see it, he discovered it had not been driven from the day it had been delivered brand new – and decided to keep it as part of his private collection.”

The Triumph Herald was first manufactured in 1959 by Coventry’s Standard-Triumph Company and it retail price was £700 which considered fairly expensive. Sales were initially slow but the model went on to enjoy success with more than 50,000 vehicles sold.

In fact, during the 2012 London Olympic Games, the Triumph Herald was among a collection of historic cars paraded around the stadium at the closing ceremony. The model has also enjoyed roles in Heartbeat as the car belonging to leading characters Nick and Kate Rowan and in Last of the Summer Wine, driven by Edie Pegden.

A Triumph Herald was also once used by James May in Top Gear when he made an ambitious attempt to cross the English Channel, and the chosen model now has pride of place in the Top Gear studio.

An additional three vehicles from the same private collection will be auctioned, a Triumph Dolomite SE and a Triumph Dolomite, each with about 80 miles on the clock, and a 1960 Triumph Herald with 3,750 miles.


Posted by Leana Kell on 25/09/2013