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Five reasons to buy a new 12 plate carBack

With the introduction of the new 12 plate swiftly approaching, it is a great time to think about purchasing a 12 plate car.

There is nothing better than driving a brand new car off the forecourt and showing off your new 12 plate car in style. But the key to a successful purchase is to remain savvy at all times throughout the buying process to make sure you come away with the best deal possible.

Trusted Dealers has all the tips below on how to be a how to be a confident buyer and make the best purchase possible on your new 12 plate car.

Choose wisely

It is always harder to negotiate a good discount on a new 12 plate car, so it’s well worth focussing on the car’s resale value and thinking about which model will save you cash when you come to sell it on. Choosing a model which retains its residual value is key, so considering popular, well established brands such as BMW, Volkswagen or Ford will ensure you fetch a strong resale price providing the standard of the car is good.

Spec out your car in style

The advantage of ordering a brand new 12 plate car is that you can be as selective as you like when it comes to choosing the colour and specification of your chosen model. Take advantage of all of the extras available and try to negotiate a deal which perhaps throws some of the extras in for free.

Be the first

With the 12 plate comes a selection of brand new models from key manufacturers, so you can not only benefit from a new car but also be one of the first on the road to drive some of the newest and most exciting models. Some of the latest cars new on the market this March 2012 include the Volkswagen up!, the latest Ford Focus, the Hyundai i40 Tourer, the latest Audi A4 and the Vauxhall Astra GTC.

Reliability is key

The best part about buying a 12 plate car is that you can drive away with plenty of peace of mind. All new cars receive a full manufacturer warranty which will ensure the car is covered should anything go wrong. An added bonus is that you won’t need to worry about MOT checks for the first three years of ownership, and many manufacturers will also offer a minimum three year warranty.

Be environmentally friendly

Purchasing a new car will often guarantee lower CO2 emissions than many other used cars, meaning your new car will be more environmentally friendly. Many manufacturers are focussing on producing new cars which offer ‘green’ credentials, some of which will save money on road tax if their emissions are low enough. If this is of importance to you, look for the cars with emissions of 100g/km to become exempt from road tax.


Posted by Leana Kell on 20/02/2012