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Five reasons to service your carBack

Five reasons to service your car

AtYourServiceHave you ever ignored the red service light on your car? Or, perhaps if your car is older you don’t actually have one. Either way, it’s important to be aware of the mechanics of your car and when and why it should be regularly serviced.

Regularly servicing your car is an essential part of your car’s maintenance, after all a car that isn’t up to scratch could break down causing you and your passengers a lot of extra hassle, or worse still it could lead to an accident.

Having your service book regularly stamped is also a surefire way to maintain some of your car’s value – when it comes to selling your car on, sensible car buyers will be attracted to a vehicle that has a full and thorough service history above those that don’t.

Take a look below at Trusted Dealers’ top five reasons to service your car.

1. To keep safe

Most importantly is the fact that a regularly service to your car will keep you and your occupants safe. Despite there often being smaller niggles on your car that you could fix yourself, often many of us just don’t. Tyres for example are an essential part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance. Everyone dreads a high speed blowout but how many people actually check their tyres regularly? If your tyres are not inflated to the correct level, it is not only dangerous but will cost you more money in additional fuel. Unlike brake fluid and coolant, there is no warning light to remind drivers their tyres need checking, so it is well worth getting them checked regularly by a professional if you do not have the time or know how to do it yourself.

2. An MOT is not the same as a service

Some people confuse going for an MOT as being the same as a service, but this is simply not the case. In fact, the two actually perform very different functions. A regular service is needed to take care of the car and the wear and tear of its parts and fluid whereas an MOT is a regularly inspection of the car for safety, it is not designed to repair or replace worn vehicle parts, but it will flag up where there are problems. It is then the responsibility of the car owner to get these problems looked at by a professional mechanic, particularly if they do not affect the car from passing its MOT. Just because issues are not seen as a direct threat to the safety of the car does not mean that they might not cause danger to occupants in the future, which is why advice from your MOT inspector should never be ignored.

3. Not having a regular service can affect an insurance claim

Even if your car manages to make it from year to year without a service, should your car be involved in an accident, you could end up having to fork out a lot more cash than you thought. Not having a service will not invalidate a claim, but if the car is a right off, the service history will more than likely be taken into account when calculating the car’s pre-accident value, which could mean that you end up out of pocket.

4. A service can save you money

A vehicle that has been regularly serviced will be more attractive to future buyers. An unserviced vehicle is likely to have a shorter life expectancy and higher fuel costs, and the little things which you may choose to ignore that a service would pick up on will only start to mount up to higher costs in the future. For example, if oil is left to its own devices for too long it can coagulate and get stuck, preventing your engine from receiving the lubrication it requires. This could eventually lead to the engine breaking, and the cost of replacing an engine as opposed to changing the oil will be a lot more!

5. You probably can’t do everything yourself!

Driving tests now require candidates to be able to successfully perform simple maintenance checks themselves such as simple tyre checks, but that doesn’t mean to say that a service should then be over-looked. Even if you fancy yourself as an amateur mechanic, cars nowadays are so complicated and computerised that expert knowledge and the correct tools will be required to ensure the car is fully safe and ready for the road. Also, if your knowledge is not up to scratch, don’t mess around with car as you could end up breaking something you cannot afford to fix.

For more information on serving your car or to book an MOT online today, click here.


Posted by Leana Kell on 16/09/2014