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PersonalisedNumberPlatesIf you’re keen to put your own stamp on a new or used car, a personalised or private number plate is a great way to do it, and guarantees you some separation from the rest of the buying crowd.

Buying a personalised number plate allows you to choose from a custom combination of letters and numbers, although there are always some necessary restrictions to ensure your car remains legal on the road. However, a few easy steps can see you create a number plate that matches your personality and your car in a matter of minutes.

Choosing a personalised number plate

The easiest way to buy a private number plate is to go online and choose one from the DVLA website, however, you may be restricted with the type of number plate you can choose – they may not have the combination of letters and numbers you were hoping for. However, if someone else already has the number plate you wanted, you can always visit one of the DVLA’s online auctions, although the price will more likely be higher. Auctions take place several times a year and tend to feature a range of rare number plates for sale.

Buying a number plate from a dealer

It’s possible to purchase a personalised number plate from a dealer or private seller, but if you do this make sure that you’re given the V750 certificate of entitlement of the V778 certificate of retention so you know you’ve bought the right to use the plate.

Understanding the buying process

To gain a better understanding of the process involved when purchasing a personalised number plate, you can visit the government’s Driving and Transport advice centre. Or, the DVLA website will provide you with the right information to start picking your own plate with information on the type of number combinations available and a useful Questions and Answers section.

Things to remember

You may think that picking your private number plate is a simple exercise involving plucking a string of letters and numbers out of the air but you will need to pick from a pre-determined selection so there will be a few restrictions to keep in mind. For example, your number plate can only be used on a car that has been taxed and registered in the UK. You also cannot pick a number combination that makes your car look newer that it is, so make sure you check through the list of letter and number combinations that have been banned to ensure you don’t purchase a plate that is deemed unacceptable on the road.


Posted by Leana Kell on 22/07/2014