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How to keep your car sellableBack

polishedDespite the fact that sales of new cars are continuing to increase according to the latest figures from the SMMT, there are still plenty of used cars around.

In fact, the average age of the UK’s 31 million cars has been estimated at around 7 years, which proves that many of us are still keen to hold onto our existing well trusted motors.

The more sophisticated treatments which have been designed in recent years to help prevent rust and maintain engines’ running capacities to beyond 100,000 miles have make it possible for more cars than ever to stay with their owners for longer.

The fact is, keeping your car as opposed to exchanging it for a new one, is almost always going to save you time and money, and as the saying goes – “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

How long your car actually will last largely depends on you the owner, so follow our guide below on how to prolong your car’s life for as long as possible.

Keep it active

It is proven that cars which are left in a garage or on a driveway for long periods of time will suffer, so if you’re going to own a car, make sure you use it to prevent parts growing stiff from lack of use. If it’s your prized car, why leave it just for show? Make sure it gets a regular run, and one that is lengthy too as too many successive short trips can cause the exhaust to rot.

Keep it clean

Make sure you keep your motor clean by giving it a regular wash every fortnight. Washing your car by hand is much healthier than a car-wash which can put a strain on your paintwork over time and leave unnecessary marks and scratches. Make sure the underside is washed every 6 weeks with a jet wash and polish your cars every couple of months using good quality products. A good vacuum every fortnight is also recommended.

Check it regularly

Make regular checks to your engine’s oil using a dipstick. It is well worth learning how to add oil to your car and knowing how much you need to bring the level up from minimum to maximum. Refill the screenwash when needed with the correct solution which you can either mix yourself or buy pre-mixed, and check your tyre pressures once a month for uneven wear and cuts or bulges. If there is anything wedged in the tread, make sure it is removed immediately to avoid a puncture.

Know your service schedule

Make sure you are fully aware of your car’s service schedule – even if your car only covers a low mileage every year, it is still worth you getting the oil and filter changed despite what the service book might recommend as this will help maintain the engine and keep it going for longer. If your car requires replacement parts, always make sure they come from an approved source and that they are not cap, low grade copies.

Join an owners club

Owners clubs exist even for ordinary makes and they can be a great source from which to get advice from other owners. The forums on owners club websites often provide expert tips on how to keep older cars going and if you are a petrol head, there will be news of regular conventions and motor shows you can attend, some even provide the opportunity for you to show off your car if it’s an older or limited release model.

Posted by Leana Kell on 23/08/2013