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How to really clean your carBack

260513 How to really clean your carIf you’re thinking about selling your car, it’s important to make sure you present it in the best possible way, to ensure you get the best price you possible.

Aside from selling, it’s highly advisable to clean your car regularly to protect the paintwork and stop it getting rusty – something that could also lose you money at resale. It also helps you to stay on top of any scratches and marks that might have occurred and take action to do something about them before they get worse.

A clean car is automatically a more valuable one, but it’s not just about using a sponge and a bucket of water these days says Ade Potts, technical services manager at car cleaning product company Autoglym.

Winter is the worst time for a car’s bodywork, particularly if it’s a long and cold winter like the past few we have had in the UK. This can make life even harder as there is an increased amount of salt on the road. That’s why spring is a great time to clean your car up and return it to its full glory!

Take a look at Ade Potts’ top tips to creating a sparkling looking car you’ll be proud of:

Prepare your car first

Before your get the sponge out, it is well worth spraying away the excess dirt such as mud, grit and road grime off your car using a hose pipe, to prevent yourself from simply wiping it into the paintwork which could lead to further damage.


Always make sure that your wheels are completely cool before you clean them or you could discolour or damage the finish. Clean your wheels starting from the bottom up to avoid patches and streaks.

Avoid the sun

Avoid cleaning your car in the sun as the paintwork might dry too quickly and cause streaks. The best way to clean your car is to start washing it from the top down using a car shampoo and a thoroughly clean sponge. Wash one half of the car at a time.

Use two buckets

Even after a hose down, your car may still have traces of dirt and grit on it which can scratch your paintwork so it’s wise to use two buckets when cleaning – one containing shampoo in it and the other to hold clean, fresh water. You can then use the clean bucket to regularly rinse out your sponge, trapping the grit and dirt in the clean bucket.

Give it a polish

Many people will simply wash their car without giving it a polish, but it is the polish which is one of the most important aspects of a clean car, so it is important to spend the extra quality time making your car look as good as it can. The polish also works as a protector against elements such as summer’s tree sap, bird droppings and dead insects and will help to make it easier to clean the next time around.

Don’t forget the windows

Many people neglect their car’s windscreen and windows but a good glass polish can work wonders in removing fine scratches and can cut the glare from the sun. Some glass cleaning products also have anti-misting properties in them.



Posted by Leana Kell on 27/05/2013