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How to save money on fuelBack

200513 Save money on fuelWith recent news of the European Commission’s investigation into whether oil giants have kept fuel prices artificially high, it remains crucial that we continue to save money at the pump where possible.

Rather than wait for the findings from the EC, there are ways we can decrease the amount we are spending by following a few simple tips from Trusted Dealers.

Aside from the initial purchase of your car, the amount you spend on fuel will be your second biggest outlay. In fact, the price of petrol has risen by more than 80 per cent to around 135p per litre in the past 11 years.

In recent years we’ve witnessed a trend towards downsizing to smaller cars which sport more fuel efficient engines, but if you find you have to drive something bigger, there are still some key things you can do to reduce your fuel consumption.

Firstly, make sure you shop around before you buy. Prices can vary wildly on the forecourt so it is well worth spending some time looking on key websites such as or to find the cheapest fuel rates in your area.

In general, supermarkets tend to offer the most competitive prices and you should avoid service stations located on dual-carriageways and motorways where prices can be up to 7.5p per litre higher than the average forecourt.

In addition, you can save fuel by changing your driving habits. This means avoiding harsh acceleration and deceleration as well as reducing your speed on the motorway by even a couple of miles per hour.

Make sure there is no unnecessary weight in your car which could slow you down and use up more fuel, for example, if you have a roofrack or roofbox, make sure it is only left on the car when needed. Check your tyres are also at the recommended pressure.

If your car has air conditioning, avoid using it where possible and simply open a window instead, it is less costly and we do live in the UK after all so it’s unlikely there will be a heatwave anytime soon!

Planning your journey in advance can be another key factor towards saving fuel – it has been estimated that almost one third of city traffic accumulates from motorists who are looking for somewhere to park. Using motorways and free-flowing roads where possible will also help with fuel efficiency.

If you are thinking about switching your car, why not opt for an electric or hybrid car? For many people, an electric vehicle is simply a non-starter if regularly driving long distances, but if like me you mainly use your car for small commutes in and around your local area, it could be the perfect choice.


Posted by Leana Kell on 20/05/2013