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HPI checks prove vital on used carsBack

Buying a used car is a great option as long as you stick with reputable dealers who will carry out the necessary checks on cars before you buy.

One of the best places to start your car search is online, but it is important to choose reliable websites such as Trusted Dealers who offer guaranteed HPI or Experian checks on all of their stock.

Recent TV campaigns have been aired on many UK lifestyle channels recently to warn potential used car buyers of the dangers of buying a car which hasn’t been HPI or Experian checked, so it is well worth making sure that you pick the right dealer websites before you begin your search to avoid any pitfalls.

Trusted Dealers is your best port of call if you are looking for a website which has all the expert buying advice and guidance you’ll need in order to make an informed choice. Because our website is owned by the dealers who advertise on it, there is nobody who is more qualified to making sure you receive the best possible service available.

One of the Trusted Dealers guarantees to all of our customers is that every car we advertise on our website has been HPI or Experian checked, which means that the cars have been checked to make sure they are not subject to outstanding finance, stolen, cloned, clocked or written off.

Buying a car which has not had a HPI or Experian check can result in a number of problems as soon as you drive your new car off the forecourt, which buyers are usually totally unaware of. Below is a breakdown of what is covered in a HPI check in more detail, to ensure you do not make any mistakes when buying used cars in the future.

Outstanding finance

Statistics from HPI revealed that 24 out of 100 vehicles they check are subject to outstanding finance which means that any unpaid load which has been taken out on the car might need to be repaid by you if you become the owner of the car. If the loan is not paid then you will never actually own the vehicle despite what you may have paid the dealer.


Buying a stolen vehicle is one of the most common mistakes that car buyers can make, with HPI checks revealing a staggering 30 stolen vehicles per day which results in buyers losing both their car and the money paid for it.


Cloned cars are cars which have been given a new identity to help hide the fact they have been stolen. Purchasing a vehicle in this state may mean you become subject to identity fraud.


Around 80 per cent of vehicles checked by HPI have mileage discrepancies which means you could be buying a car which costs more than its actual worth, and could reveal serious mechanical failures further down the line.


There are approximately half a million cars every year which are declared too unsafe for the road due to a previous accident, but they somehow find their way back onto the forecourt and continue to pose a threat to drivers who might be unlucky enough to buy one.


Posted by Leana Kell on 16/09/2011