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HPI warns motorists about buying cars with a dodgy historyBack

HPI logoHPI is warning motorists against the potential hazards of purchasing a used car with a dodgy history and reminding buyers what they need to look for, to avoid the pitfalls.

One of the most appealing factors of a used car can be its low mileage – everyone is looking for the lowest mileage they can within the price range they can afford as it is a strong selling point when you come to sell the car on and proves to buyers that the car’s engine must be in relatively good condition.

However, vehicle expert HPI is today warning motorists to not to be dazzled by a car with a hidden history which may seem like a dream buy. Conducting a HPI or Experian check on a used car before you buy it is highly recommended if you want to walk away knowing you have clinched a good deal and more importantly a safe car.

HPI has cited a recent example of how vital a mileage check can be when it comes to peace of mind. Retired business man, John Fowler moved to France with his wife, but continues to favour a right-hand drive vehicle. John found a Nissan, advertised by a dealer in Gloucestershire on a UK classified website, and after talking to the dealer on the phone, John had his heart set on securing the sale, despite not having seen the car, other than photographs on the website.

Luckily for John, a friend suggested he conduct an HPI Check for added peace of mind, before he went to the expense of travelling to the UK to collect the car and parting with his cash. The HPI Check revealed a mileage discrepancy, but the dealer didn’t seem to know anything about it and was unwilling to look into the matter. With alarm bells ringing, John decided to walk away from the deal citing that the HPI Check had “saved (him) from making a potentially expensive mistake.”

Trusted Dealers carry out HPI or Experian checks on all of their used cars, and are pleased to be able to offer customers their exclusive 10 Points of Difference promise which provides added peace of mind to all of their trusted customers.

Daniel Burgess, Managing Director for HPI explains, “John had a lucky escape, as a clocked vehicle could cost more in unexpected repairs and may be unsafe to drive. We always advise buyers to view a vehicle first hand and always get it checked. Too many buyers take the seller’s word on face value and get burned.

The OFT estimates there are over 70 mileage correction firms operating in Britain by exploiting a legal loophole and HPI is calling upon motorists to sign its e-Petition to force a change in the law and ban these firms.

For further information on how to avoid buying a car with a dodge history, why not visit our page dedicated to the Trusted Dealers’ Scam Busters.

Posted by Leana Kell on 10/07/2013