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Is Damon Hill right about speed limits? Have your say…Back

Damon Hill has been in the news recently, voicing his concern over Government proposals to raise the motorway speed limit to 80mph from the current 70mph.

In an interview with the Radio Times, the former world F1 champion spoke of how current motorway driving makes him ‘shudder’ and declared motorway driving to be more stressful and dangerous than F1 racing!

“Most people aren’t safe to drive over 55. Honestly, the speed limit going up to 80mph makes me shudder…
“Because people drive too fast on the motorway. Mostly they drive too fast, too close to the car in front, and they think they know what they’re doing. And they don’t. I used to drive like that and I had a few near misses. My kids have learnt to drive and they’re out on the roads and it’s dangerous. You don’t want to spoil people’s fun. It’s a fantastic day when you get your driving licence, but it is also for some people the worst day of their life. I escaped by the skin of my teeth when I was younger because I was a good driver, but that didn’t make it okay.”

In reality, the 70mph limit on motorways is generally treated with little regard by many motorists – which is partly the reason behind the Government proposals, which advocate a raise to 80mph to reflect the ‘common law’ reality of driving habits.

What do you think?

Posted by Paul Carpenter on 05/07/2012