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Make this year’s resolutions a realityBack

ResolutionsAs we reach the end of 2013 and think ahead to the New Year, most of us will have a clear set of New Year’s resolutions in mind that we’re determined to stick to.

Like most things, by February these resolutions may be a distant memory, but if you’re really keen to better yourself in 2014, follow Trusted Dealer’s top ten tips on how to make this year’s New Year’s resolutions really stick.

1. Stay focused
Focusing on just one resolution is key – many people plan too many resolutions and therefore lose the ability to remain focused. Choosing just one resolution and putting all your motivation and effort into it will increase your chance of success.

2. Make a friend your witness
Choosing someone close to you as a witness to the resolution is a great idea. Sharing your goals with a few members of your family and friends will help to ensure you stay on the right track. In fact, if you’re struggling to think of a resolution, maybe they can even help you pick one, after all they do know you best.

3. Choose specific goals
Focus on setting yourself specific goals – many people make the mistake of choosing New Year’s resolutions which are too general making them that much harder to attain. For example, somebody wanting to simply ‘get in shape’ next year is setting themselves a very difficult goal, whereas, deciding to lose 10 pounds by April is a much better resolution. Setting yourself specific goals throughout the year will ensure you always have something attainable to focus on.

4. Take advantage of existing habits
If you have chosen a resolution which involves building upon smaller existing habits such as remembering to take your daily vitamins you can find a way to make these habits more successful in the New Year. For example, place your vitamins next to the teabags jar if you know this will be an easier way for you to remember to take them every morning. The easier you can make it to form the habit, the more likely it is that it will stick.

5. Set a trial period
Not every resolution is guaranteed to be successful – if you’ve created a goal which you are struggling to achieve, set yourself a trial period in which to try and test it. If after this time you find it is simply not working for you, perhaps it is time to tweak your goal and make it into something more attainable.

6. Play mind games
You may find it hard to keep your New Year’s resolutions if you do not feel a constant sense of accomplishment. Creating specific gradual goals is one way to help with this, but you can also adopt some mind games in order to help keep you motivated. The key is to focus on things which make you feel successful, for example, if you are trying to lose weight, eating from a smaller plate may help you to feel full even if you’re eating the same amount of food.

7. Focus on the result
It is important to focus on the end result in order to stay motivated. If you are struggling to achieve your goal, try to think about how the results will affect your overall mood. Perhaps your resolution involves impressing your friends with a new skill, or you might simply want to feel better about yourself – staying positive is the way you will achieve this.

8. Record your progress
If you have created a list of specific goals, make sure that every time you achieve one of them you tick it off a checklist – this is a sure-fire way to remain motivated and feel positive about what you have achieved.

9. Set yourself reminders
If you feel like you are losing sight of your goals, set yourself a daily reminder of why you are doing what you are doing. You can set up an alarm on your phone with a positive and motivational message on it every day, or why not write down messages to yourself in prominent places about the house to jog your memory and help you to stay motivated.

10. Get going now
No matter when you read this, there is never a better time to start your New Year’s resolutions than now. Whether it’s the end of December or the middle of summer, there should be no reason why your new goals cannot begin to take plight, so why not get in contact with a close friend or family member and start creating some life-changing milestones today. Good luck.

Posted by Leana Kell on 30/12/2013