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Mondeo or InsigniaBack

Frank emails us to ask: “What are the relative merits of a Mondeo vs. an Insignia. I like the look of both and don’t know which to buy.”

This is like trying to pick between two brands of cheddar; there is almost nothing in it. Personally, I think that the Insignia looks more prestigious and impressive. But there is little or no difference in terms of driving dynamics, refinement or build quality.

So if you don’t have any personal prejudices based on their looks, it comes down to price.

If you are buying new, or at three years old, there isn’t much between them (again). But if you are buying a one year old, the Insignias lose money faster and there are bargains to be found. If you are looking at the 2.2 and 2.0 litre diesels (and that is the engine to go for to get the best out of the car) then the Vauxhall is more frugal too.

So, for class and value the Insignia is the winner really.

Posted by Paul Carpenter on 24/08/2012